Diversity Reading Challenge Update

Starting off strong this month and finished 2 books that fit my Diversity Reading Challenge! This pushes me over the halfway mark, so hopefully the downhill portion will go much more smoothly than the first half which took way too long.

This month I finished Black Boy by Richard Wright, meeting goal #2: person of color on cover.

 I also read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli over the weekend. This takes care of goal #3: about coming out. 

I did not realize I went in order on those...not aiming for that specifically. Black Boy was also part of my IRL TBR that I am working on, because I'd just always heard it was one of those books I should read. And SVTHSA has been EVERYWHERE in the book/blog/vlog-ospheres lately, plus I wanted to give myself a break from the IRL TBR (I've finished 3 so far and it's not even 3 weeks into January). 

I'm trying make a list of books that could fit each  category, because I am more likely to complete the challenge when I feel prepared and also have time to research and look forward to the story. If you have any suggestions for the remaining categories, feel free to leave them in a comment! I'd love to hear it :)

4) Main or Secondary Character with a disability 
7) Illustrator of color 
    -I think this will be the hardest...since I don't really ever think of/read books that have illustrators
8) Any Walter Dean Myers book
10) Boy soldier/childhood in the Middle East
      -The Kite Runner (thanks for the rec, Teh Megan!)
12) Contains same-sex parents
      -Lola & The Boy Next Door (thanks for rec, Emmy!)


Diversity seems to have been a big factor in lots of 2016 Reading Goals- are you trying to branch out this year?

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