Feeling Good

Does anyone else sometimes have days where you just feel a little itchy?

It's hard to explain. But sometimes I just feel like I need to go do something. Anything, practically.

Currently, at the moment, I want to

  • Get in my car and drive towards the coast to visit a lighthouse.
  • Make a Valentine's Day wreath for my front door (also, I need to repaint my front door).
  •  Go shopping for a dress for my maternity pics/baby shower (is it bad to wear the same thing to both?)

Maybe it's the fact that I worked out today! 

It's not totally unusual, but today I actually felt good at the end of the workout. I felt both like I had pushed myself a little but not like I was miserable and going to spend 2 days recovering (which is too often how I feel after working out while I've been pregnant).

Maybe it's the good weather...
and by good I mean it isn't freezing and raining

Maybe it's the coffee I had this morning, which I haven't had in a while.

Maybe it's just excitement over my awesome hubby and growing baby girl.

And/or excitement over our baby shower! 
Even though I'm about 95% sure no one is paying attention to our registry and I'm going to have to do massive returns to get gifts that actually fit our needs...and I do NOT understand the push against getting someone something they actually need/want by following a freakin' registry...
Still, it's a step closer to the very exciting (but still unreal and terrifying) fact that our baby is almost here!

Who knows. Either way, I'm enjoying the good mood. Hopefully it will last :)

What has you in a good mood today?

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