What Keeps Me From Reading

I love reading...I really do. Obviously. But sometimes it just doesn't happen. Here are some reasons I end up not reading:

  1. Getting caught up with technology...aka browsing the internet too much. 
    1. Sometimes I zone out and just pay attention to my phone, instead of picking up a book. I'm seriously considering giving myself a technology bedtime, where I don't get on the phone past 7 or 8 pm.
  2. Working.
    1.  I used to have time to blog at work...now I'm actually pretty busy. Soooooo...that's probably good for my employer but sad for me.
  3. Adulting.
    1. This is different from working- I've pretty much been working since high school except a year or so. But last night hubby & I had a budget meeting (trying to prepare ourselves for the baby), then we actually did the dishes together and some other stuff around the house (again, gotta get our shit together before this kid pops out).
  4. I'm tired.
    1. Sorry to bring it up two points in a row...but I'm PREGNANT. It really is tiring yo. Somedays I can do ALL THE THINGS and some days I can't make it off the couch.
    2. Weather/Allergies also plays into this, as my eyes have been so sore/tired that I can barely hold them open.
  5. The books themselves. 
    1. Especially right now, since I am focusing so much on specific books (for my IRL TBR and Diversity Reading Challenge) sometimes it feels like a lot of pressure or I just don't like a book, but feel like I have to finish it so I don't have to search for another book that meets the criteria. 
What type of things keep you from reading as much as you'd like?


  1. I hear you on a lot of these. I luckily have a lot of time to read while I'm at work. There's a lot of down time, especially since this is our off season. But I fall into the technology/internet wormhole way more than I should. And, of course, sometimes I just want to watch TV instead.

  2. Yes to all of this! I wish I could read more.

  3. Puzzles. All the puzzles.. and working out and the dogs.