Favorite Television Re-Watches

I'm a big fan of revisiting stories. In fact...I often prefer it. It's really hard to get me to watch new things, because I so rarely feel like they will be worth the energy of getting invested in. That's why I'm always so late to the game when it comes to a lot of movies or television shows- I wait until literally everyone I know (or a few people I really, really trust to know my interests) has recommended it.

But, overall, I still prefer to re-watch things than give new ones a try. This is a little pathetic...but oh well. I am who I am, okay?


This is my favorite television show. I know basically every line- even the extended versions, because Tank bought me the complete series and basically every episode has extra lines. In fact, I get upset watching it on Netflix or TV because my favorite lines are always cut!

The Office

I just recently watched this entire series again. Not gonna lie, it was mostly to watch Jim & Pam fall in love all over again. I freakin' love that relationship. It is, in my opinion, one of the best romantic relationships in media. 


 Just started rewatching this, and I so love it. Booth & Brennan just have the best chemistry, from the beginning. I know people make fun of shows that have gone on as long as they have, but I love it. I love the growth of the characters. Some people have complained that Brennan has strayed from her awkward, analytical self too much with the relationship/family/etc. But I appreciate the growth and still love her in all forms. 

Sons of Anarchy 

While FRIENDS goes down as my favorite show, SOA is my pick for the best show ever on television. There is so much going on here- about family, brotherhood, fringe culture, loyalty, psychology, love, drugs, sex, violence...I seriously wish I could take a college course on it because there is SO MUCH to digest and dissect.


  1. I have watched The Office multiple times through -- also mostly to see Jim and Pam fall in love. I also like the evolution of each character's relationship with Michael. I start to lose interest around season 7, though.

    My mom is watching SOA now. She really likes it. It's a show I've been putting off watching for awhile just because the premise doesn't SOUND like something I'd like, but nearly everyone heartily recommends it.

  2. I can't say SOA would be for everyone...but seriously it's an amazing show. The depth of the characters and way it balances good/bad, right/wrong, etc is just unbelievable. It's not a feel good show, at least by the last few seasons, but it's excellent television, if that makes sense.