Pregnancy Thoughts: Part 1

from the archives: originally posted November 12, 2015


Pregnancy is an interesting adventure. It can be fun, it can be awkward, it can be intimate, it can be totally public. Here are some things I’ve thought/felt over the past few months.

  • The first few weeks are really awkward. 
    • Because you feel like you have this flashing neon sign that no one acknowledges. It’s because they don’t know, but it feels like they should because internally you are freaking out so much (but in a good way).

  • I don’t think there is ever a not-awkward way to tell someone you’re expecting. 
    • It’s kind of an invitation into your sex life and personal decisions, but at the same time going to be totally obvious at some point so not private at all.

  • I love my husband and he is seriously amazing. 
    • He’s been so understanding on the nights I’m too nauseous/tired to cook a real dinner and constantly asks how I’m feeling, if I can need anything, etc but still treating me like a person instead of a child. Plus he is really cool about all the different ways my body is changing and how I’m dealing with it- it’s nice to have a partner who isn’t creeped out OR scared of what’s going on inside me (because sadly, I’ve heard of men being both and it really bumming out their women). The smile on his face when he looks at my belly is priceless.

  • Newly pregnant bellies are suuuuper weird. 
    • Even with <5 lbs weight gain, the shape of my stomach is…different. It has this weird slope to it and puffs out in a way that is obviously not just typical weight gain- something is going on in there.

  • That being said, I would not have described myself as ‘skinny’ before…but I’m already missing the way I felt like 3 lbs ago.

  • Happy friends are the BEST friends. 
    • Seriously. I’ve been that friend who was nervous that someone got pregnant, that we wouldn’t be friends anymore, etc. So when people are cool about it and “No we’ll still make this work and I’m really happy for you” it gives me all the warm and fuzzies<3
  • People who believe they know more than my medical providers are tough to deal with. 
    • I knew I was going to hear everyone’s opinions, and I’m trying to just let it wash over me and not cause stress…but it’s tough. Caffeine effects have been studied and even though I normally don’t even come close to my daily max (some days I have none), I still get comments and frowns when I sip my Starbucks. Don’t even get me started on the idea that you shouldn’t raise your arms for 9 months- no way that can happen, especially when I barely top 5 feet.

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