Monthly Favorites: March 2016

Just some random things I think are interesting and/or worth reading from the Internet this past month.

  • The Art Assignment Hotline:
    • John & Sarah Green discuss some art questions, but then answer why "ridiculed" degrees (like mine) are still useful.

This isn't a favorite- but something worth mentioning. This American Life podcast episode is about sexual assault, and the first story is of how a victim ends up on fucking probation after being raped. And the awful consequences of doubt. This is what the fuck is wrong with our society. It makes me sick, literally. And FUCK that one lady who continues to blame the victim for the way she responded. Go ahead and make yourself feel better about being uneducated bitch- you're lucky you can be self-righteous in your ignorance. I bet your supposedly loved daughter wishes she had that fucking privilege.

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