The Only Acceptable Thing to Say to a (known) Pregnant Woman

There are so many inappropriate things that have been said to me over the past 9 months. Some from people who are truly clueless, and some from people who are just rude and insensitive.

So I wanted to do a PSA and let you all know the only acceptable thing to say to a pregnant woman. 

Here it goes:

You look great! How are you feeling?

The only acceptable variations on this are to replace the word great with one of the following:

cute, fantastic, wonderful

Seriously. Other than those three, NO DEVIATIONS.

Don't say you look so big- trust me, if she is SHE KNOWS and doesn't need you pointing out the obvious.

If you are trying to go the opposite way and say "You still look so tiny," that's not safe either because she may then worry that her child isn't growing enough.

It's a super fine line- don't make her tightrope it!

Just tell her she looks great, and ASK about her health/feelings (don't say "You look tired," or "You must be so ready to go," or "I bet you wish you were in bed!" - you know what happens you ASSume how someone else is feeling- this does not go away just because someone is pregnant).

Also, not the title specifies KNOWN pregnant woman. Don't assume. I mean, it's annoying when people almost ignore my pregnancy when I'm big as a damn whale- but it is more upsetting to be asked about being pregnant when you aren't. Speaking from experience (this was especially upsetting when it happened after my miscarriage).

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