Favorite Books: Jr High

For some reason, this is the hardest section of my Favorite Books series. I cannot remember hardly anything about what I read while in junior high.

I blame this on the fact that 1) I simply read so much at the time, and 2) I read so randomly. 

I would just go to the library and pick out literally anything that caught my eye.

The only certainties I can remember are below:

Little Women: I may have read this in elementary school, but it was around this time...and I definitely reread it about a million times. So we'll stick it here.

Sweet Valley High/College series- this one is not new. Many people who fit the same demographic as me (age/gender/race) probably read this series.

It's possible that I also read my first John Green book around this time, An Abundance of Katherines, as I distinctly remember getting this from my local library. Again, not sure if it was junior high or high school. But I certainly did not know about he full John Green/Nerdfighter community at the time.

I definitely read The Giver, for Battle of the Books, which I need to go back and reread. And The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.

I think this is when I read Bridge to Terabithia, which I also don't remember much about but is probably one of the first books I cried about.

At the end of junior high, my grandma passed away. She was also a reader, and one of my greatest gifts are the books I received upon her passing. Included was Born In Ice, which lead me to my favorite romance writer today and one of my favorite series- the Born In series by Nora Roberts. Not meant for YA, but I literally read everything pretty much from 7th grade on so it wasn't a surprise.

Is there anything special you remember reading in junior high/middle school?

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