Book Review: An Epilogue to Innocence

Do you remember Tim, who was nice enough to write a guest post for me during my baby-having time? Well that was extra nice because on top of regular life he has also been getting a book published! It's been a long time coming, and it's so cool that something he's been talking about for so long has finally come to fruition. Tim asked who would be willing to read and review the book so I offered, and a few days ago he sent me the proof of his book An Epilogue to Innocence

I'll be honest, I was nervous. The only time I have ever reviewed someone's work directly was in school, and it didn't always go well. I'm super critical y'all.  I've been reading Tim's blog for a while now, and he has posted some fiction stories on there before but this felt different. What if I hated it?! Also, I'm not usually a short story person so I was worried that I would be going in with an unfair bias. 

But thankfully, I really liked it!

Being totally honest, the first story didn't grab me- in fact, it's probably my least favorite of the collection (sorry Tim). But I kept going and the next story was super intriguing- as were all the rest. 

The stories were all varied, from location to narrator to plot. The overall theme was slightly dark and a little twisted (and sometimes very sexual) which I didn't necessarily expect but enjoyed. Can't say it will be everyone's cup of tea but I think the people who like it will really like it, if that makes sense.

As I said, I don't normally like short stories but these were truly good. The characters felt authentic and I could understand their motivations, which isn't always the case in short stories- I often feel like I'm missing some major part of the story. 

Also, kind of random but I appreciated that the main characters were sometimes men and sometimes women. People sometimes act like it's super impressive and out of the ordinary when an author can write from both perspectives, but Tim did it seemingly effortlessly and casually. 

I finished the book within a day, so the collection reads fairly smoothly and quickly. 

I highly encourage reading it, it's a great collection and Tim's a compelling writer. Check it it now!!

You can purchase a paperback for 7.99$ or a Kindle version for 2.99$, find all the purchasing info here on Tim's blog. 

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