11 Random Facts About Me

Here's a good, old-fashion, completely random and self-obsessed post.

11 Facts about Me

  • After almost three years, I finally have the inside of my home decorated 99% of the way I like it. Now it's time to get cracking on the outside! 
  • I am oddly okay with the stretch marks pregnancy left on my stomach. But the ones on my thighs make me really sad. It makes no sense, but I think it's because those showed up the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy and I didn't expect them (especially since they got so bad so fast).
    • Thankfully my favorite bathing suit shorts still fit- but the top doesn't. So I have to decide to buy another bikini top or go full "mom suit" and add a tankini to the shorts...
    •  I decided to start a bullet journal and while I have no idea if I will stick with it, just getting it organized and doing some (very) simple decoration last night was oddly relaxing and soothing to my soul.
    • I went over six weeks without Starbucks after the baby was born. Not without coffee altogether- definitely drank some at home. But without Starbucks. I can't remember the last time that happened.
    • Speaking of coffee, I am going to try having breakfast and then drinking coffee. For some reason if I drink the coffee first, I skip breakfast and get slammed with hunger mid/late morning. Not good.
    • I'm am about to go run for the first time since having the baby! Really, since about halfway through my pregnancy. I've went to the gym but not just on a run. Kind of excited.
    • There is no better motivation for exercise than fitting in to pre-pregnancy clothes. #Truth #KeepItMoving
    • I put mayo on my grilled cheese sandwich, and it's flipping delicious.
    • I also put pickles in spaghetti. Don't judge until you try it. Seriously, just don't. 
    • I use cloth diapers on Pumpkin. The only bad part? All the judgement- seriously, it's that hard and people did it for the majority of history so stop acting like I'm a freak.
    • I am feeling the desire to do a MAJOR closet overhaul. I have tons of stuff in there that I never wear. Some of this is due to weight fluctuation due to being pregnant, but most is due to the fact that I don't know how to shop or build a truly versatile closet. I'm seriously thinking about trying to sell everything for maybe 2-3$ on a local yardsale page or Plato's Closet, but even if I have to donate to Goodwill it's gotta go. I'm tired of having crap in there that isn't being used.
    What's a random fact about you? 
    Come on, confession is good for the soul :)


      1. My sisters dip their french fries in mayo. I like ranch. I shouldn't be surprised because people are judgey about everything under the sun but you're getting criticism for using cloth diapers??? Isn't that supposed to be the healthy, non-wasteful way to do it? People are ridiculous.

        Good luck on your run!!!

      2. We used cloth diapers for our younger daughter too, and although some people thought it was really interesting, a lot of other people were VERY unsupportive. It made no sense to me - like why do they actually care?? It wasn't a lot of extra work, in my mind, and I was the one doing the work. Totally frustrating!!