Three Things

I am completely stealing this from Stephanie at Life According to Steph. Gracias, amiga. 

Three things I frequently forget
My coffee on the way to work
Where I put my phone
To feed my dogs in the morning

Three errands I love to run
Going to the library
Shopping for crafty things/home goods
Ummmm....I don't know. I hate grocery shopping so much it's all I can think of when thinking of "errands"

Three errands I hate to run
Grocery shopping
Visiting/calling any service company (looking at you, Suddenlink)
Taking the dogs to the vet

Three famous people I'd like to meet
Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Yes, stealing this from Steph also)
Nora Roberts
Jennifer Lawrence

Three famous people I'd like to avoid
Any Kardashian/Jenner/their relations in any way (again, Steph inspired- smart lady)
Pretty much anyone on a reality show, actually

Three things I recommend
Painting your toenails bright red
Getting up earlier

Three books I loved in the elementary/junior high days
Baby-Sitters Club
Sweet Valley High (& onward)
Little Women

Three things I always look forward to
Quiet coffee time
Reading on the beach
Long hot baths

Three things I always dread
Scheduling Holidays
Doctor's appointments
Brushing my dogs


  1. Haha! I actually don't mind grocery shopping, but you wouldn't know it from how infrequently I do it. :P Ryan loathes it, though, which is why either I get groceries or we scrounge. I don't know if I'd want to meet any famous people (although RBG is an awesome, inspiring lady) because what would I say to them? I feel like I'd just be awkward and dumb and I'd rather keep being inspired by them from afar.

  2. So I'm 50 days late in my reading, but YES to red toenails and looking forward to quiet coffee time and reading on the beach.

    I don't mind the actual grocery shopping in off-times, but I hate the bagging, putting in the car, toting in the house, unbagging. So that's why I like delivery, it cuts out a lot of the work.

  3. I love this and just might swipe it myself :) I agree with avoiding any Kardashians and add Miley Cyrus. She annoys me. What do they call it? A try hard?