Monthly Recommendations February 2017: OTP

This month's topic is OTPs, aka One True Pairing, aka the characters you most want to get together or like together (aka who you "ship" as in relationship).

I was kind of surprised when I looked at my recent reads that nothing really jumped out at me. And all but one were YA.

I've raved about this book a LOT. But this couple shows the roller coaster of life, and the "reset" Alice experiences when she gets amnesia forces them to remember why they loved each other to begin with, and how they each have changed and contributed to the demise of their marriage. It's heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.

This one took a while for me, y'all. There is somewhat of a love triangle in this series, and for a while I really didn't know who I wanted Katniss to end up with. But at some point- I think in the third book- Katniss says that the reason she is drawn to Peeta is because he is different than she is. He is hopeful, and she is not, and if she had chosen anyone else (especially Gale) she wouldn't be her best self because she would just give in to the negative outlook she takes. This made me re-examine the series, and I respected the idea that you should pick the person who makes you the best person.

There is a couple in almost all of these books, but Scarlet & Wolf are my favorite. I'm not even sure entirely why...but they are just both super badass and committed to each other and feisty and awesome.

I'm not usually too big on the "star crossed lover" thing. But this is the best I've seen it done. When I first read this, I felt like it was over-hyped. But after rereads and the has grown near and dear to me.


Rowell does amazing jobs in both of these books. The characters felt so real and their relationships were not easy. There was uncertainty and confusion and passion and it was just sooo good. Anyone who thinks YA is "just" for kids has definitely not read Rowell. 

I know this trilogy is somewhat controversial. But I have always loved Tris & Four. I like that they challenge each other, disagree, and manage to stay committed throughout the fights and betrayals. They both always do what they think is best for the good, and they ultimately have faith in each other. 

What are your OTPs?


  1. I know this is about books, but Four is drool worthy in the movie. I'm getting flustered just thinking about it.

  2. I liked how Katniss ended up with Peeta. A lot of movies/books encourage this idea that Main Character should fall in love with the person who they have known for years. It was nice to see Katniss NOT choose the friend of many years.