Mid-Month Update: August 2017

Trying something new- this will be a little mid-month update on my life and a way to ensure I actually post something here on this blog, since I enjoy blogging but do better with directions and plans at this point in my life. Categories may change depending on my moods.

So. Much. Rain. So damn muggy. I am not one to complain about humidity usually, but dang y'all.  My hair is continually limp and gross looking, my makeup (already minimal) is melting...blah. We're averaging one partly sunny day a week at the moment.

 My office is crazy with people leaving and new people coming in and the temporary workers that have been on break, whom I work directly with/slightly above, will be back soon soo...yay? Yay for progress, boo for constant human interaction again (says the introvert who actually likes being alone in the corner doing mountains of paperwork).

Picked up my textbook yesterday! Paid more than I wanted- the edition my professor wanted was just published last year so no used copies. Oh well. Still getting 90% of all school needs covered by work so shouldn't complain too much.

Hubby & Family
Tank & I are almost halfway through the classes required to become foster parents in NC! It's a lot of information and we have tons of stuff to do/print...I totally get it. But it is weird to think we just had a baby before and no one cared at all about this stuff. Our families are being very supportive, which I'm happy about. I was worried, but as a friend pointed out, most rude or offensive questions really do stem from a place of ignorance and simple explanations can shift a lot of perspective. While it's been a little stressful to find a sitter since the class is ALL DAY every Saturday for over a month, it's also nice that we have had lots of time alone and we've been trying a few local restaurants that we probably wouldn't with the kid (although one was totally delicious and cute and had a kid's corner that I found brilliant, although Tank said it was only a good idea not an amazing one).

Babycakes is at such a fun age! We are officially into toddler stage...and y'all, so much easier for me than babyhood. She is getting a little more independent, which makes things easier for me. We're definitely seeing some tantrums, but she tends to just walk off when upset so I'm OK with that (much better than laying down and throwing a fit for me). The other day she got mad, ran away, and came back in a minute with only one shoe...the other one turned out to be under the kitchen cabinet. No clue. But I figure taking a minute to herself and coming back calm is not the worst calming strategy there is. She's also giving hugs & kisses now...totes adorbs. There's even been some comments that she's starting to look like me! Petty, but since she came out looking exactly like Tank it's nice to hear an acknowledgement that I had something to do with her too.

Have I posted about my meal planning lately? I think it was around December that I started doing monthly meal plans. We don't always follow it to the letter, but it helps ensure we have something to cook and cuts down on the times we eat out. I only do the weekdays, because our church group meets on Sundays so we don't have to cook then and also we have leftovers. We also try to keep frozen lasagna and pizzas on hand just in case. The healthiest? Probably not...but better financially. Some of these recipes are simple, some are written down in my, others go on a Monthly Menu Pinterest board to make sure Hubs always has access to the recipe without me having to email him every day :) 

The Little Things
Since Babycakes has been spending so much time at her grandparents due to the FC classes, I've had time to paint my nails three weeks in a row. For some reason, this has been a really nice pick-me-up. I've also been starting a very small workout plan, and ran two miles the other day! Simple enough I can do it quickly but gets me moving, because I can tell my body is suffering when I don't. 

What's new with you?


  1. It sounds like you are getting closer and closer to becoming foster parents. Congrats!!! It is sort of crazy that they let you just take a baby home from the hospital with you to keep....but the process is so long in foster care. But it makes sense at the same time too. Isn't it funny how accomplished you feel as a mom when you have your nails painted or a quick workout under your belt? I totally get it! Your weather forecast is basically the same as ours. I am so ready for fall.

  2. I'm probably picking up my books today after orientation. I'm scared already after seeing that my German book costs $350.
    I'm hoping that this miserable weather breaks after about 2 weeks. Early Sept is usually a toss up and after the random "cold" weeks we had in July, I'm hoping that Mother Nature cuts us some slack.. but if we could get that October natural disaster out of the way at the beginning of October and nothing at the end of the month, that's be great. I know it's selfish, but it is what it is.