Self Care: Part Two

I've thought a lot about self-care in the past few months. It's important. And the thing I've come to realize is, not only does self-care differ between different people- it's different for me personally depending on what is going on in my life.

Sometimes self-care is taking time to stop and paint my toes. This past weekend, it was taking time to clean my disgusting shower so I don't feel like a gross slacker every time I get in it. Was it the most enjoyable 20-30 minutes of my life? No. Do I think "Good job on fixing the problem, you rock?" every time I get in the shower now? Yes, yes I do.

So here are some more self-care habits I've enjoyed lately:

  • Pinterest only or reading before bed. 
    • For many reasons, but basically the internet does not always contain peaceful, calming topics.
  • Unfollowing FB groups.
    • I love them, but they can suck me in and take my attention away from other more important things. They're there if I want them, but they don't clutter up my feed anymore.
  • Washing the shower
    • see above.
  • Journaling.
    • I love planners and the act of physically writing. Most planners don't work because they allot each day the same amount, so I have been using the Bullet Journal method. I tried once before, but people have taken the original method and expanded it to a glorified art journal...I can't do that. But I can stick with the minimalist method and actually organize my life better. Plus I like writing down little snippets of my day. Not necessarily important, but somehow calms me.
  • Buying new shorts. 
    • I had one pair, and typically this isn't a big deal because I don't wear them during the week or to church. But it's about a million degrees and I needed another pair to make me feel better about not constantly wearing the same thing every Saturday. It's worth the 10$.
  • Napping with Babycakes. 
    • Poor thing is teething- she likes to get 2-4 teeth at a time. Just over a year old and she has almost 80% of her teeth already. Pretty sure she's also hitting a growth spurt. So it's not always a party at my house. She is a great sleeper 95% of the time but lately she's been having a few rough days/nights. Last weekend I just gave up and let her nap in the bed with me since she did NOT want to be alone. She sleeps in her crib almost all of the time, but everyone deserves a treat sometimes, especially when they're not feeling well. And it was better for me too since I got to rest comfortably instead of trying to force it.

What does self-care mean for you right now?


  1. Right now it's unfollowing FB neighborhood groups, massage, books, disengaging more than normal on the weekends.

  2. That shower struggle is REAL! When Teh German saw me using the Clorox magic wand to clean the shower recently he was like, "Is THAT a TOILET CLEANER?" Yes, yes it is.. and unless YOU want to come over here and scrub this thing, your opinions shall be kept to yourself. I did educate him that it's not a reusable brush AND that if it works to clean a toilet, it probably is wonderful for the shower since it's another "wet place." He couldn't argue with my logic, nor does he ever want to clean, so he kept his mouth shut. #notsorry I do try to do a real scrub of the shower with spray and a rag, but usually it's me and my clorox magic wand getting in the corners and shelves.

    Taking the time to do my homework when I have nothing else to do has become self-care for me. This way I'm not sitting at the table the night before everything is due for HOURS trying to figure out what I need to be doing. Fingers crossed I can keep it up.

  3. Omg, self care is such a struggle right now. Ummm... I took a break from working to do laundry and finally unpack from my trip. I feel better that the house isn't in chaos anymore BUT I didn't get any sleep last night and I still missed my deadline, so... still debating whether that trade off was worth it. I also read for like 2 whole hours! Again, I had to miss sleep in order to do it, so I'm questioning some of my choices now that it's Monday.