Current Thoughts [November 2017]

  • My number one work complaint is when people cannot take criticism or admit they made even the tiniest mistake. Humans are human, y'all. You are inevitably going to make a mistake. Throwing someone under the bus is not going to make you look good. Also...don't tell people you have a lot of initiative unless you are interviewing for a job. Once you are actually working the job, let your work speak for itself. Trust me, if you're as good as you think you are the rest of us will notice. 

    • Babycakes is going through...something. Teething- working on those last molars which are supposed to be the worst? Maybe just hitting the toddler tantrum stage. She gets super upset super quickly for seemingly no reason...sometimes I can calm her down but usually not. Daycare drop off has been basically traumatic for us both. There are definitely good times, but there's been some rough moments also. 
    • But on the plus side- no more pacifier!!! It really wasn't as bad to take as I thought. She apparently ONLY used it at home/around Tank & I anyway. She would go all day at daycare w/o it but then start asking for it literally as soon as I showed up to pick her up. So I had the feeling it was more psychological than physical need. The first night we tried nighttime without it, it was a fight and we gave in. But about a week later I just hid them all and she was tired and laid down without it. Once they were out of sight, it only took a few days to pretty much be done. 

      • We have gotten into the "screen time" thing with her though. She is now obsessed with this Baby Shark video...and while I feel bad sticking her in front of the's now what she does while I make dinner. Mommy's sanity is worth an hour or so of screen time a day, right...
      • Went to a local holiday shopping event and knocked out like 80% of my Christmas shopping list. Yes, I spent a ton of money...but honestly it was about on track for what I normally spend on presents and it was smaller local businesses. Plus I bought my OWN presents with approval from Tank- these are things that have been on my "Want" list for months and he literally just has to throw them in a bag...

        • It's our anniversary this month and we seriously cannot figure out what to do. I'm almost over it because I'm trying to hard to decide on something and neither of us can commit to the "right thing."

        What's up with you lately?


        1. I swear I think we did nothing for our anniversary this year. Maybe ordered dinner in? Had a nice dinner? I can't remember.

          I always buy my own Christmas gifts. LOL

        2. Yay for no paci! I dread when the time comes for us to kick it. It is such a comfort tool when Zoe starts to get tired or fussy when we are trying to do something...or in the car. That is her favorite time to use it. Chris and I don't really do anything for our anniversary. Usually we just exchange cards and I made a special dinner for us or we go out for dinner that weekend.This year we met up for lunch on a working Friday, just the two of us. I hear toddlers can be assholes, so hopefully you haven't hit that tantrum phase yet.

        3. Sometimes doing nothing is better than the stress of planning... sooo there's that.

          I'm torn between doing another large donation to the one80 place in Charleston again this year or actually buying gifts. Granted, they would be small gifts, sooo IDK. Really the donation was about me feeling like a good person and being lazy AF and helping out the local community.

          Adulting is hard.

        4. ugh molars are the worst. i'm glad that kayla was a good teether (i never knew when her teeth were coming in) but the only thing that was telling was her sleep would be off. Hope your wee one starts to feel better.