Current Thoughts: December 2016

  • Already had a family fight regarding Christmas! But, kinda glad we got it out of the way early. Now everyone knows that everyone is unhappy with reality (re: multiple families and inconvenient work schedules and ya know, the fact that we can't duplicate ourselves to be everywhere at once) but we're gonna smile like we enjoy the holidays anyway.

  •  While I super love my non-denominational "contemporary" church, I feel myself drawn more and more to the traditional habits of the Christian faith. We don't do Communion every week, but it affects me whenever we do. Baptisms make me cry, with hope and joy and faith. I want to do more research about these traditional practices but I'm not sure where to go- I don't want just a dry history book. I want something living and breathing the faith of those who follow Jesus. 

  • Took a sick day recently- a legitimate, home in bed alone sick day. Y'all, I needed that. It was 60% physically sick, 40% mental health day. I can't remember the last time I had a day where I did nothing but take care of myself. Usually my "sick" days include taking care of Babycakes, or when she goes to visit the grandparents and I'm "off" Mommy Duty I am still on Wife/Adult duty and bust my butt trying to tackle projects around the house that are difficult with her around.  We did a ton of stuff this weekend, basically our immediate family Christmas celebrations (pictures with Santa, city Christmas lights tour, a birthday party) plus a ton of cleaning and I think the busyness (that looks wrong...) plus the nasty weather just took me down (thinking allergies or a sinus infection, because Hubs & Babycakes are fine, which is why I sent her to daycare). But I feel restored in my soul. Honestly, I need to do that more. Probably need to just schedule an actual mental health day for myself every few months. 

  •  Babycakes' daycare is closed for a full week after Christmas. I'm kind of terrified to be home with her alone that long. It will be the longest time since my maternity leave. I feel like some people think that is weird or bad, but umm...being a SAHM is a specific skill that I haven't fully developed yet. I love my daughter fiercely, and I'm sure there will be some magical moments and I'm so thankful for the time with her. But the fallout from routine will be hard and being 100% responsible for another human drains me sometimes, even when it's also what fills me up. I am already putting out the SOS call to my SAHM friends and asking them to help! Thankfully, they are awesome and gave me suggestions of stuff to do throughout the week and volunteered to hang out with us.

  • I ended up with a 92 in my class!!!! Whoop whoop, yay me, not bad for a 5 year break and working full time and mommying and general adulting.

What's up with you lately? 


  1. Congrats on 92 in class! That's super exciting.

    And scheduling to try and see people over holidays is hard.

    Also, I grew up in a super traditional church. So.... if you ever have questions feel free to hit me up!

  2. We have already had several arguments about Christmas get togethers. I love the holidays, but I hate that aspect of it. Way to go on the 92!!! I will be working from home the week of Christmas with our daycare closed because my vacation request was denied. I am wondering how in the world I am going to get anything done.

  3. Kudos on the 92!

    We have that fight every year. I wish it would come earlier than it usually does.

    Busyness always looks wrong but it's not.

  4. 1. My math teacher is holding out on submitting grades. I'm ready to march up to her office and be like WTF?! I took an exam on Wednesday and the grade was posted on Thursday. I took my math exam on Friday and I can't figure out what the hold up is.

    2. My family knows better than to try to guilt trip me over Christmas. Especially since we don't usually have an option to go to Germany for Christmas, it's best that they keep their mouths shut.

    3. I was sent home from work yesterday by my coworkers for being sick and I was never more grateful. I took a nap and did work willy-nilly and it was fabulous. Granted, I still feel like garbage, but not being at work helped. Being sick is the worst, but at least sickness waited until AFTER my exams to descend on me.