Bullet Journal Walk-Through: Part 2

 Okay, now it's time to talk about why the Bullet Journal is better/different than a standard planner.

Because truthfully, that's what a lot of the last post looked like- a DIY planner. And that is one aspect for it.

And maybe other people don't need as many random notes and stuff as I do, but...I do need them. So here are all the other things I keep track of in my Bullet Journal.

Now, theses things did take a little longer than the stuff in the last post. But these are things I will use for weeks/months/all year, and it's totally worth spending a 15-30 minutes to set up because it saves me so much time and stress later when I am paying bills or menu planning.

List of Approved Meals
I've mentioned before that I have finally gotten into a rhythm with meal planning. This page has helped a LOT. I get a lot of recipes from Pinterest, but got tired of having to search through pins for ideas. So I started this list of meals that we enjoy and broke it down into categories: Vegetarian, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Seafood, & Crockpot. We are trying to eat slightly healthier and this helps create variety in our monthly meals. This picture is right after I created it so there have been a lot more recipes added, but you get the general idea.

 Bill Tracker

This is sadly probably my favorite page in my journal. I got tired of having to track paper bills for account numbers, or having to try 4 different password and user name combinations when logging in to pay bills. So this lists the bills I have to pay each month (things that are autodrafted are not included) along with my usernames & password hints- all that info is under the "redacted" black spots (notice hints, not actual passwords...I lost my last journal, and although it was returned very quickly, I still don't recommend putting all that so openly, but clearly I'm a privacy weirdo). But, this page is PEFECT example of how something that took maybe 20 minutes to create is saving me literal hours over the course of a few months, and just makes me happy because look at that- only a person with her shit at least halfway together would do that. Go, me! In case you can't tell, the categories are "Amount, Paid On Date, & Confirmation Code" on the left and "Month" on the top bar.

Cleaning Schedule
I am not good at cleaning, y'all. It's just not my jam. So please don't judge this list too much...but it's a somewhat realistic expectation. We get off track really easily and certainly don't manage to complete everything every week; however this makes it so much easier to jump back on the cleaning bandwagon when we inevitably let the house go to shit for a few days due to holidays or sickness or whatever. I have added the quote "Clean enough to be healthy, messy enough to be happy" to the bottom left because that's basically my philosophy and helps me remember that cleaning is important but also...so are other things.

Date Night Ideas
Hubs & I are really trying to do better about supporting local businesses...which is why all these are blacked out, haha. But you get the general idea. It's a go to list so we can't say "Idk, what do you want to do?" on the rare occasions that we can actually have a date night. The arrows on the left indicate that we haven't been to a place before but want to, and the dollar signs obviously indicate price with more dollar signs indicating a more costly experience.

The Random Dates page is for quick things like the last time we changed the oil, got the dogs vaccinated, etc. The Random Notes page now has notes about Babycakes' pediatrician's walk-in hours, log in info for my health insurance and 401K stuff, and as you can see the numbers for my representatives in Congress. I haven't used all this as much as I should, but it's definitely come in handy.

 For Babycakes & Hubs
I am the worst at figuring out what to get both Babycakes & Hubby for birthdays or holidays. So these pages are super simple and just a place for me to list possible gifts for them. Also have one of these pages for ME, because a) sometimes people ask what I want for holidays/birthdays, and b) I'm terrible at remember what I actually wanted when I try to get something nice for myself.

To Be Read
Yes, I have my TBR on Goodreads. But I like having this in my bullet journal because it's just easier visually to "pick" my next read.  Also as you can see I include the location at my library, if my library has the book, or notes if I want to purchase the book/already own it.

Hurricane Prep
This is something I need basically every year since I live close to the coast of North Carolina. Got tired of having to search for the same info each year.

Blog Ideas & Blog Planning
You wouldn't know it, because I have not been blogging at all lately, but I actually have all these ideas on deck for blog posts. Much like the cleaning spread, it's nice to know that this is here waiting when I actually get the motivation for blogging. One day my ideas train & motivation will line...maybe.

Podcast Tracking
I originally made a Podcast Page so I could remember which day different podcasts came out and keep up with them. That's actually not been a big issue, because my phone tracks a lot of that. BUT, I like to binge podcasts the same way I would on Netflix. Unfortunately, my phone and computer don't link as well as my TV and phone re: Netflix. So I binge podcasts during the day then want to continue on my way home or while making dinner, etc. I originally just wrote down the names of the podcasts I wanted to try after I finished my current binge, but then I started counting down so I could easily keep my place when switching from my computer at work to my phone (btw I totally recommend both of these podcasts).

Post-It Page 
This post is in case I want to write down a few quick things to grab in the store so I don't have to take in my whole notebook, or if I want to leave a note for my husband. I typically have my bujo close by, so I quickly write a note and stick it somewhere he will see it (usually the TV or the microwave).

Foster Care Prep/Tax Info
Everything in this post so far I spent more time than normal making. But these next two are examples of quick, on the fly lists. The top pic is a list I made with To-Dos for turning our spare room into a kids room for foster care (hopefully we get licensed soon!) and the other was for tracking all the documents we needed to turn in to our accountant for tax purposes. These are both examples of stuff I was trying to remember and list in my head but NEEDED to be written down so I actually got it right. There is a note on the FCR page with the boxes that show when certain items have been posted to Craigslist/Yard Sale FB Pages and then when they have actually been sold.

One of the things I most appreciate about the bullet journal...culture? I guess, is that it has taught me how to view information organization differently and more broadly. 

I feel mentally more creative, not necessarily in an artful way but in my ability to use different systems for different information.

Okay. Whew. I think that is a pretty intense walk-through, but maybe it sparks some interest in the bullet journal world, which I personally think is awesome. It's been a great way to organize my thoughts and life, and just makes me feel a little bit more in control and confident overall.


  1. I really like the post it page and the cleaning schedule. The cleaning schedule especially for those non-regular tasks. I've had air filters sitting out for over a week now, hoping Teh German would take the hint, but so far, not so much. In his defense, we've both been busy so it hasn't been a priority, but it takes like ONE MINUTE.

  2. Again, great ideas. I may have too add yet another page on mine with a dinner tracker

  3. I've never seen the post-it page and that is such a good idea!