Three Things: Blogger Annoyances

Here are three things that drive me absolutely CRAZY when visiting other blogs:

  1. Pop-up ads: It is 2018 people! WHY DO YOU STILL DO THIS?!?! Does anyone actually follow you on Pinterest or sign up for an email with that stupid pop-up?! Have a button, sure! But get rid of that freakin' pop-up for the love of all that is holy. 
  2. Not replying to comments: I definitely stop following blogs that do not return comments (unless it is like a huge blogger that gets thousands of comments). A FB friend has started blogging and she writes beautifully, but she only talks about her blog on Facebook and does not acknowledge anything that actually HAPPENS ON THE BLOG. Sorry, not wasting my time writing into the void.
  3. Linking with a link-up with a post that has NOTHING TO DO with the topic of the link-up. This is a lazy and selfish way to get more clicks, and it's bullshit. 

What are your top blogging annoyances?


  1. Comments for the sake of commenting! I'm pretty out of the blogging loop now so I have no current pet peeves, but part of the reason I went private was because I didn't want to have to respond to BS comments like, "Good post" and "Come check out my blog."

  2. I don't understand people who linkup, but then don't comment on any other blogs-- because isn't that the main purpose of linking up? I don't like pop-ups either and also wonder if anyone actually doesn't just click out of them.

  3. I definitely feel you about the no replying to comments! I know I can get behind on it from time to time (mainly cause my Disqus account was being weird) and I get it when the BIG BLOGGERS who might get hundreds or thousands of comments don't always reply. But for the most part, I wish bloggers would reply to comments too. I've also been trying to read book blogs lately... and I've found that I like booktubers better. They seem to be able to share their personality more. SO MANY of the bloggers just copy and paste what's on Goodreads or Amazon and I never get to know them as a person, you know?

  4. The popups!!! It drives me insane! I already follow most blogs I read, I don't need to sign up for your email or whatever else you are pushing too.

  5. I really struggle with comments for the sake of commenting. Just lurk with the rest of the lurkers. It's fine. But I agree on not responding to comments also being an issue.

    Fortunately, I use Feedly, so I don't have to endure popups. Ain't nobody got time for dat.

  6. I always feel like a total ahole when I fall behind on comments. I wish my blog email was not the email I use for everything.

    I wonder if she just started if she knows about comments - is she replying back to you on her post? I had no idea when I first started out. LOL