Adulting as Self-Care

In one of my bullet journaling groups, someone made a commenting about viewing chores and other responsibilities as self-care.

The idea is that while these things can seem annoying, frustrating, and deserve the results. 

You deserve to have lights and working refrigerators and a car that runs because you put air in the tires and got the oil changed.

And while I have concerns about the push of self-care and how that can be just another thing to stress about, I really like this school of thought.

These things can sound silly, but re-framing the way we view things can really make a huge difference in quality of life.

So instead of looking at these things like something you have to do...that you shouldn't have to do, I'm going to try re-framing it.

These are things I get to do, for myself. These are steps in a process, that ends with me having helpful things and being in a good place.

Grocery shopping used to drive me crazy- but I love having food readily available and not scrambling at the last minute to run to the store or come up with a recipe off the top of my head.

I dislike cleaning...but I love the feeling of a clean house, and knowing I have at least a few days until the pressure to do it again creeps back.

I don't like giving up my lunch breaks to study for midterms...but I love spending my time at home with my family...or in my bed, rather than over the books.

I deserve all these things, and I want to start giving them to myself.


  1. This really does make sense!! I'm not a fan of grocery shopping (and we daily shop more than anyone I know), but it is really nice to have something that I really want to eat in the house!

  2. Much of how life feels is all about the lens we are viewing it through. No lens is going to make me like car upkeep or spending time in the grocery store, but I don't allow myself to feel put upon much because I don't like how that feels. My life feels better doing what I have to do and getting it done.

  3. Yes! I've been thinking about self-care a lot lately and I was going to blog about it too!

  4. Part of me misses the satisfaction from cleaning the entire house top to bottom to my standards, but the lack of stress from not feeling obligated helps offset the missing.

    There are times I definitely enjoy shopping, but the ease of ordering online and picking it up (or better yet, having Husband pick it up) has really helped eliminate most of the stress of going to the store.