Add It To My List: April 2018

 Link-up creators are Lauren from Eat, Drink, & Be Lauren and Bre from Bre Writes. Basically, they are always recommending things to each other- podcasts, television shows, music, blah blah blah. And they figured- why not share even further?

  • How to be a Mormon Feminist (Unladylike Podcast)
    • While this story doesn't have the happiest of endings, I appreciate seeing the intersection of feminism and religion. It's not something you see much of but it's something I personally deal with a lot.
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon Prime Original TV Show)
    • From the creator of Gilmore I'm basically destined to love it. I know she's been called out for many problematic things and I totally acknowledge that, but there's still a lot to love here.
  • Resistance Series: Resistance in the Bible from Truth's Table
    •  This is a new podcast for me, and in my true form I'm starting from the beginning. This post is a bit old but I love the discussion of the Resistance and the Biblical inspirations Christians can pull from. 
    • This is a podcast specifically for Black Christian women- I only hit two of the three demographics but it's really refreshing to hear modern women talk about faith so earnestly and honestly and faithfully and realistically and while I'm only a few episodes in I'm LOVING it so far.
  • Set the World on Fire or Don't. It's Your Life by Stephanie at Life According to Steph.
    • Beautiful post about how women can be amazing leaders who shatter glass ceilings- or stay home and lead a "regular" life. I've been thinking of this a lot lately. It's amazing to see all these women fight back against adversity and be lauded for it- but being SPECTACULAR should not be a criteria for respect. Basic existence is enough. 
  • Rich by Maren Morris
    • Not sure why, I've heard this song before but for some reason it's suddenly become my JAM. Love love lovin' it.

What have you been loving lately? Link-up & let us know!

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