Words of the Month: April 2018

I'm not sure exactly where this quote is from (Katherine from Salty Pineapple has laid claim, now that I google'd). But it's been everywhere lately, and it's speaking to me.

Partially because, I just really like pineapples and I feel like they have been undervalued as a fruit. It's nice to see them getting recognition.

Also, pineapples are seen (at least in the South) as a sign of hospitality. I learned this during a trip to Charleston, SC which holds a very lovely place in my heart so I have general good feelings attached to pineapples.

Finally, this quote has a very summer-y feel and dear sweet baby Jesus I need some summer. SO OVER WINTER.


  1. HAHA this is adorable! And I love pineapples.

  2. I am very inhospitable towards winter right now. But otherwise love this post.