Current Thoughts: July 2018

  • I am taking a summer class and holy balls IT'S SO STRESSFUL. I have a midterm, a paper, and a group project all due next week. It might be okay if it wasn't also my first online class in like 8 years...but it is. Cue all the stress in the world.
  • Babycakes is starting to show some independence! A few weeks ago we went to a birthday party and she spent more time in the Little Library with me than playing with the other kids. But we've been spending more time at the park and community events, and she is slowly starting to walk more than 2 feet away from me without saying "MOMMY! COME WITH ME!" Also I am so thankful for nicer, older kids who play with her. We spent an hour at the park the other day after a little girl immediately adopted Babycakes and "showed her" how all the park equipment worked and was generally adorable and kind. It's nice to be reminded that most of us start with kindness.
  • On the other hand, we've started potty training and it's um...going. Honestly better than I expected- she used to hate the potty but is slowly getting used to it. She rarely asks to go but we bought some special books that stay in the bathroom that she likes, Hubby plays her music to keep her on there...I am honestly not ready but trying to deal.

  • Still nothing on the foster care/adoption front :-/ Like, in a way it's good because hopefully that means kids are being taken care of. But also...I'm worried that our criteria is too narrow or something is somehow wrong with us (we've stated we can handle 1-2 kids, ages 0-6, mild disabilities at most although it's kind of varied between a bunch of different areas which is too lengthy to go into here). We had one call but there was communication issues and by the time we said yes, they had already found another foster family. Trying to have faith that it just wasn't meant to be and "our" child/ren will come into our family when it's meant to be. I know it's going to be so hard but the knowledge that a phone call could come in second or never means I have a low current of anxiety in the back of my head all the time. 
  • We had an awesome day at the beach with our church group, including a couple who moved away but came back to visit! They are truly awesome people, afterwards another couple commented "yeah we thought we had been romanticizing them but no, they are really cool" which is basically the exact conversation Hubs & I had. HOWEVER- during this amazing trip, I got sunburned. And it doesn't hurt, but it itches like crazy and I am loosing my mind. Slapping on as much coconut oil as I can and popping Benedryl. 
  • I am thinking of a blog overhaul...but I can't decide. Parts of me wants a new blog name too- but dude, I change blog names like every 3 years and it's starting to feel ridiculous. Thoughts?

    What's going on with you?


    1. Just hearing about your online class makes me stressed! I do not miss those days!

    2. I was so worried when my kiddo would encounter bigger kids on the playground, but they have always been nothing but nice and helping him climb and showing him the ropes. Such a good reminder that kids start out being kind.

    3. I'm not a fan of changing blog names. I can never remember anyone's other blog when they do that.

      Sorry for the low level anxiety waiting not really waiting for a call. I imagine it is difficult but when it is right it will be right.

    4. Potty training. I am so not ready for that yet, but I know it is coming soon when Zoe moves up to her next class in August. I am not a fan of changing blog names. I have the least original blog name ever though, so what do I know?

    5. I'd stick with the name. I recently tried a design overhaul and couldn't find anything I like, but then school started, so I ran out of time to mess with it and just converted it all back. Maybe one day this CS degree will actually benefit me in some way besides stressing me out? Haaaaaaa.

      When the time is right, it will happen. You know you know it, but it doesn't hurt to have other people reassure you about what you know. :)

    6. change you blog if you want! this is your creative space so do with it what you want :)