Current Thoughts: August 2018

Just booked an Air BNB for our anniversary and I am PUMPED! We are going to spend a few days in Asheville, NC. I haven't been to the mountains since I was pregnant. While I can't wait to take Babycakes someday, that area is kind of becoming a lovey/romantic space in my mind- it was one of our first overnight trips as a couple, then our honeymoon, then our's nice. I grew up visiting that area, and it is forever imprinted on my soul. I've been wanting to visit for a while, and now that we have concrete plans I am sooooo ready! It's several months away but hey, I'm still excited.

My teacher opened our Blackboard class before the official start of Fall semester, so I'm trying to take advantage of it. I did not not do this in the summer class and it might have been useful. All PowerPoint notes have been formatted and printed. Erasers purchased, and pens still full of ink from summer classes so I'm basically ready. I can't read ahead because my book is partially paid for by my employer so it is released very close to the official first day of class, which is a while away. I'll have to pay for the online access myself, which sucks because it is ridiculously expensive- but that is what all our homework is from and if it's the same as my last class that used the online HW, it will hopefully assist in keeping my grade up. Trying to focus on the positive.

Babycakes might be one of those people who loves hard and quickly. I took her to a FiA workout the other night and there were some slightly older girls, maybe 6-8ish, who played with her on the playground while I worked out. I am so thankful for this precious little ones who "watched" my even little-er one so I could socialize and exercise. By the end of the workout Babycakes was sitting next to one of the girls with her arm around her and stroking her hair! Bahaha. I think the little girl was okay with it...and she has hung out with Babycakes 1-2 before but still, it was adorable and also a little intense how much my kid quickly attached to her (she told me at one point "My little girl! Go to your mat!"). I mentioned this to a friend and she went "Oh hope that's not a problem when she starts dating," which to be honest I hadn't even considered and could potentially be problematic I guess. But as someone who has seen so many friendships fail in my life...I kind of like the idea of Babycakes being all-in on her relationships- I could use a friend like that.

 Speaking of Babycakes: I've talked a lot about my mental struggles after having a baby, but I don't know how to really properly explain the fun of having a toddler. Yes, she comes with a magnificent attitude (the phrase I most commonly hear is: She definitely knows what she wants/is very sure of herself). BUT she is really funny and she's super into music lately* and she's starting to "pretend" and it's the best. Women especially are told that it's babies that are irresistible...but babies aren't my thing, and it's okay if they aren't yours. Baby-ness lasts about a year. After that, you are stuck with an actual child, a tiny little human with an individual personality and that is totally worth dealing with all the baby-drama. So if you are unsure about parenthood because you don't like babies, try hanging out with kids of various ages. See how all those different ages feel. You are signing up for way more than a year of baby, and for me that's a great thing.
*Hubs listens with her ALL THE TIME because he does not want her to end up like her rhythm-less mama

 Rewatching Dr. Who and, not sure if I mentioned it yet...but I cannot stand Clara. She came in after Amy & Rory, who are my top fave companions ever, so I tried to recognize that. And I thought Martha was super bland at first but grew to love her, so I've tried rewatching and sitting with her character for a while. But nope, she's sucks. In a lot of different ways. I may write a full and complete rant about this someday...anyway, I google'd, because surely I'm not the only person who felt this way, and apparently Jenna Coleman almost left the show several times and then ended up staying. This actual makes a lot of sense because there were times they could have done something interesting with the character and then it fell apart.


  1. I love having something booked - it's nice to look forward to something!

  2. Ooooo going out of town sounds so fun!

  3. <3 dem NC mtns. Sooo much. Also, I think I'm going to add ziplining to our Oct trip. NECESSITO!

    I've been trying to do my homework ASAP rather than waiting until the night before. It means that I can actually take time on the weekends to do things NOT homework. Iz niiiiceee.

    It depends on my mood for the baby vs toddler preference. Sometimes, I just don't want to have to be a good example and explain 1 millionty whys and have to fight about things that I do not find important. Sometimes, that personality is awesome (like when a toddler screams, "MEGAN HOMEEEE!!!!!!!" when I walk in the door. Pretty sure child love is the most pure, which makes it even sweeter.