Boho Berry Challenge October 2018: Planning

Get ready guys, I'm doing something a little different in October! 

One of the Big Names in the Bullet Journaling world is Kara from Boho Berry. She is one of the cutest, most artistic BuJo-ers and has literally made a business centered on planning.

To be clear...I do not bujo like Kara. My bullet journal is way more about planning and organization than being artistic, and we live very different lives so I don't track what she tracks or use the same exact system she uses.

I still find inspiration in her layouts; but really one of the biggest reasons I continue following her is because of her Boho Berry monthly challenges. These were created as journaling prompts, but I don't always do a full journal entry because...I don't feel like it. In the past I have just done a really short response. I don't do every month, and I don't answer every question every month. But they are fun occasionally.

This month though, I want to use it as a Blog Every Day challenge. 

The theme is Planning, and talking about planning and journaling in my bullet journal seems a little pointless. I like the idea of a blogging project and sharing how I use the system.

Personally it can be a little annoying when people blog every's so easy to get behind. However, this is my blog and I think I will have fun doing it. Gonna try to keep it relatively short though. So I hope you enjoy it...and if not, I'll be back to my normal blogging style next month.

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