Boho Berry Challenge October 2018: Planning [Day 18]

This might be a long one, y'all.

I found bullet journaling pretty soon after I returned to work from maternity leave.

I was floundering in so many ways. 

I was suffering from undiagnosed postpartum anxiety, I was dealing with a lot of new responsibility regarding my daughter, I felt constantly under the spotlight as a new mom, I had to make a completely new routine with this new little person and I just didn't know how to get it all done.

I honestly don't remember how or where I first heard about the bullet journal system. 

It was somewhere online, I'm sure. But I did some research and it really appealed to me. I liked that it had clear and direct goals. I liked that it kept everything in the same notebook. I liked that it could be adjusted for each persons's individual goals.

I started using it, and at first it was really hard and intimidating. 

Like I've mentioned several times in this challenge, there is so much freedom and possibility within the system. I had to really sit down and ignore what everyone else was doing online and decide why did I need it.

I needed to remember all the little things that had to get done every day- mail off anniversary cards, pay daycare bills- actually keep up with all bills, remember doctor appointments for this new little life I had, etc. Mommy brain is real, y'all.

I also just needed to remember to clean the bathroom and do laundry and take a shower.

Yes, there are days when SHOWERING is on my to-do list...because otherwise I just won't have the energy or motivation. So I developed a cleaning schedule for my husband & I to follow and wrote down meals I knew we liked so I had a list instead of combing through my new useless brain or Pinterest. It was all about simplifying and making things easier on myself.

Anyway. I grabbed a notebook and some pens. I drew a calendar and a weekly spread. It was nice to be using my hands, nice to be being productive, nice to feel useful and back in charge of my life.

It helped. Life was being kept on track.

That was over a year ago, and I'm still going strong. It's super helpful and I love it. 

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