Boho Berry Challenge October 2018: Planning [Day 22]

Hmmm, this feels a lot like the prompt for Day 14, which was My Favorite Supplies. So check that out if you haven't. But I will add some less tangible things that I think are also essential for Bullet Journaling.

Willingness to try.
There are tons of planners out there. What makes Bullet Journaling different is that you can 100% customize it. 100%, guys. Nothing else is going to be MADE BY YOU, FOR YOU. It can be overwhelming, and intimidating, and frustrating. But it is so worth it once you get it exactly right. It's going to take some time and energy, and you have to be willing to try.

Willingness to accept mistakes.
You're going to make mistakes.  If you choose to start in a really basic journal, you're probably going to misnumber your pages. You'll start a spread on the wrong date or day. You'll misspell a word, lots of words. You'll use the wrong color. You'll choose a spread that you hate and doesn't help you at all. But that's part of the process. Bullet Journaling forces you to face mistakes and hopefully helps you learn to be patient and gracious with yourself.

Ability to be honest with yourself. 

Ability to pace yourself.

I'm addressing these two together, because they are needed for the same reason.

There are so many resources for bullet journaling. It's great, and it's terrible. Because if you are looking for something specific, you can probably find it. But when you are first getting's hard to figure out what it is you want/need.

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