Boho Berry Challenge October 2018: Planning [Day 23]

True story, I google'd to see if recurring was a word. I thought it was reoccurring.

Both recur and reoccur can mean simply “to happen or appear again,” and this is the way that reoccur is most often used. Recur can suggest a periodic or frequent repetition in addition to having the same basic meaning as reoccur
-source: Miriam-Webster
I don't have a ton of recurring events. But this seems like a good day to discuss two of my absolute favorite pages in my bullet journal, which sound super boring but are used ALL THE TIME...because as an adult, the few recurring events I have include bill payment and grocery shopping.

These pictures are from when I first made the spreads, so they are relatively empty but have since filled up nicely!

Bill Tracker
This bill tracker helps ensure that everything gets paid when it should. Hubby's job change meant that his paycheck schedule changed, so that has been an adjustment and it would have been even harder without this tracker.

Favorite Meals list
I started meal planning after my daughter was born. I'd always avoided it before because it felt like so much work. And if we are being completely honest, it was so damn hard at first. But I figured it out and it became on of the greatest things ever in my life.

Please note that meal planning and meal prepping are different, although probably work well together, and I only meal plan. I think that confusing the two was part of why I was so hesitant to try it. 

Anyway, I use Pinterest a lot when meal planning because it has so many great recipes but after a while I felt like I had a good number of go-to recipes that we had tried and enjoyed and didn't want to dig through Pinterest to find them. So I made it easy on myself and wrote them all down! They are divided by the following categories: Vegetarian-Chicken-Beef-Pork-Seafood-Crockpot. I can make an entire month's worth of meals with a fair bit of variety. It's great.

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  1. English is hard. I'm glad I'm not the only one who Googles words I definitely know exist.

    I think you're right about the meal planning vs meal prep fear. And the same, once I realized they are not the same, I was able to to move past my crippling fear of spending 5 hours in the kitchen over the weekend prepping food, since I did NOT have to do that, and actually plan our meals for the week. Stream lined grocery shopping too!