Boho Berry Challenge October 2018: Planning [Day 4]

Here is my weekly spread for this week. The main things I need in a weekly spread are:

1) A defined section for each day, so I can list events/tasks I know are coming along with things that come up.
2) A place to put random notes that don't belong to a specific day.
3) A section to list things for next week so I don't get blind-sighted on Monday morning.

This is a new spread for me- sometimes I do the wardrobe/monthlies for an entire month, but this time I'm going to try including them on my weeklies. That means my next week/notes sections are much smaller than normal...but I usually have room leftover so I'm hoping what is shown here is adequate.

My weeklies can be super simple or slightly more complicated- I have favorites for each. 

Sometimes they are one pages, sometimes they are two. It depends on a) how much time I have to create it, and b) how busy I think the upcoming week will be.

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