Boho Berry Challenge October 2018: Planning [Day 8]

This is hands down my favorite spread. It has room for everything I need on a daily basis, but also allows me to track additional things like my water intake-memory tracking-daily and monthly chores. I don't always get these things done, but looking at it every day helps increase my chances. This post is from a few months ago, so if the dates seem funny that is why.

As you can probably tell though, it takes a little time to set up and I don't always get it perfectly. I am working on a "cheat sheet" so I can just copy instead of drawing it completely by scratch so maybe I can do it a little faster from now on. 

I found this spread on either Facebook or Pinterest and modified to suit my needs. It took some detective work by some nice people in my Facebook Bullet Journaling groups, but it came from Dessa. Just want to give credit where it is due!

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