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The Great British Baking Show
Finally jumped in. These British people look nice, but this show is savage. They give the contestants instructions with no baking temperatures or times. It makes me want to cry for them! I have a soft spot for the young girls who are still in school, and the older bakers who stick with traditional recipes.

Spirit: Riding Free
Some kids shows are better than others. Y'all, my husband and I watch this and I will fight anyone who says it's not good. I have had the worst cold I've had in years and totally Bad Mom'd it up with Babycakes this weekend. It was days of screen time and eating lots of peanut butter. Oh well. And after hours of comparison, I can tell you, this is the best kids show. Love some Doc McStuffins in a lot of ways, but it's more traditionally little-kids based and there were some reoccurring things that just bugged me, an adult, after a while. Not so with Lucky! (Spirit is the horse, Lucky is the spunky 12YO-ish main female character, Babycakes refers to the show as Lucky after the character). 

 Tidying Up with Marie Kondo
 I haven't read this book, but now I'm going to. First off, Marie is so damn tiny and adorable. I can't even think of a comparison but to look at this person makes me smile. Hubby is even into it. He really only cares about our garage, but fine. We'll start there (out of her order, but whatever) and I'll use that to get him around to the rest of the house!

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