Prompt: Word of the Year

(prompt found on Debbie in Shape via Pinterest)

Being honest guys, I've had some trouble lately with blogging. I want to stay connected with the (few) bloggers who stick around, but I'm just not coming up with topics that I actually feel motivated to write. So, I'm going with some prompts.  I won't be doing these for 30 days straight, but think I will make it my go-to when I'm feeling a little uninspired.

60) My word of the year

Restore: to bring back to a state of health, soundness, or vigor.

I haven't made a big deal about my word of the year this year, but the thing I am working toward is restoration.

Last year was a bit of a mess for me. I finally hit the point of exhaustion, of confession, of pulling back and facing reality.

And I'm glad about it, really. I needed to just stop. You hear so much about hustling and growth and improvement- and I believe in all of those things! Truly, I do. But the pace I was going at was unrealistic.

And sometimes when you go too fast, too soon, you crash.

So this year is not about growth for me.

It is about restoring myself to a place of health. Because I have been mentally unhealthy for a while now, and I've run myself ragged. So right now, I can't think of being better than I ever have before.

I can only focus on getting back to a good place. And that involves...taking some things slow. And removing some things all together.

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  1. For me, restoration is a much harder aim than growth. It requires more, I don't know, fighting against how I typically am? I'm doing some restoration myself this year. Cheers to you!