Show Us Your Books: January 2019

Man, that title felt weird to type! It's time for the first Show Us Your Books Link-Up of the year.

I looked back at my Goodreads Challenges over the past few years, and for several years now I've read 50-55 books. Not sure why I continually underestimate my ability and put my goals around 40-40...but this year I'm acknowledging my average and setting a realistic goal of 55. My first book of 2019 is Let It Snow, everything before that I finished in December of 2018.

I started reading this months ago during my summer class, and I just couldn't focus. That was because of my personal issues, and I'm so glad I finally picked it back up because it was exactly as great as I knew it would be. Adeyemi built a wonderful magical, African-inspired world and I'm all in. Pre-ordering the second book, Children of Virtue and Vengeance, which comes out in March. 

Not sure what I was expecting when I went into this story, but it's not what I got. Spoiler in white, so highlight if you want: THERE WAS TIME TRAVEL. I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR TIME TRAVEL. However, it was an interesting story and I think it was done fairly well. The ending wrapped up a bit too nicely for me...but that happens. Overall a solid read. 

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby
Think I got this recommendation from someone on the link-up a while back. It was...okay. Irby is a blogger/internet famous apparently, so if you already know of her, you'll probably REALLY like this. It was funny, but I felt like I was missing some of the backstory that could have really made this a great read.

This book totally lived up to the hype! Such an interesting look at age and culture and community. I wish there had been a little more specific info at the end regarding The Brothers (highlight again). But overall a great read.

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle
I read this after Christmas, but close enough and still winter-y. Cute YA stories by some great authors- recommend if that's your thing.

This is my first 5 star read for 2019. Guys, I FREAKIN' LOVED THIS BOOK! It's a bit of a post-apocalyptic story, but not in an opressive "We must overthrow the government style." The world is built in tiny little pieces and hints dropped here and there throughout the plot in a way that made me hunger for more. The main character was so inherently herself and good at her job and self-aware, but in a way that felt natural and not "All hail this amazingly perfect unicorn female" way. It was intriguing in an almost quiet way, very similar to Circe IMO, and I loved it just as fiercely as I loved Circe. Apparently that is my current jam. Go read it, now.

From Here to Eternity by Caitlin Doughty
I enjoyed this a lot more than I enjoyed Doughty's first book (comments on December's SUYB). This one studied several different cultures and options for dealing with dead bodies, including one in North Carolina! I really like that she acknowledges the way geography and time and culture intersect, through the lens of death.

This is a modern re-telling of Pride & Prejudice, set in Brooklyn and told by a young Black girl of Haitian & Dominican heritage. It is so damn cute and good and thoughtful. Plus the main character writes poetry and I loved her poems sprinkled throughout the story (and I'm not normally a poetry person). 

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  1. Children of Blood and Bone does not seem like my thing at all, but I've heard so many amazing things about it so I did add it to my TBR. I say this all the time but I really want to read more Diane Chamberlain-- I've only read one of her books and I really liked it. Though that spoiler would have really thrown me too.

  2. In the recent past, I looked at adding We Are Never Meeting in Real Life to my TBR list, and then I didn't because of reasons I can't remember and after reading your review, I'm not sad about my choice.

    I'm going to try and give a few of these a chance (Bannerless and Dream Daughter), IF the library will come through for me. They like to come through for me in spurts.. Like, here's ALL THE BOOKS you requested in the last 2 months, they are due in 2 weeks, all of them have a 6+ week waitlist so if you don't finish them you're screwed, sorry not sorry! UGH.

  3. Loved Children of Blood and Bone even though I didn't think I would, but still not sure about that ending. I may have been who recommended the Samantha Irby! I'd never read her blog, but I think the timing was just right for me on that one. I was on the wait list for Let It Snow, but now that's it's after Christmas (and still have another Christmassy read waiting for me), I took myself off. There's always next year! Erotic Stories is on my TBR too, happy to see another positive review of it!

  4. I think I'm the last person in the world to have not read a Diane Chamberlain book. I just see her as maybe a Jodi Picoult? And I generally don't seek out her books.
    Children of Blood and Bone is everywhere. I'm also generally not into world-building books, so...But I'm curious!

  5. Children of Blood and Bone is on my "Up Next" list. I cant wait to read it!

  6. i was not a fan of irby's book at all. children of blood and bone is on my list, as is the punjabi widows one. i am on the fence about the dream daughter, i keep hearing mixed things. i love P&P but unfortunately Pride did not work for me at all. womp womp.

  7. Children of Blood and Bone is the only book on your list I've heard of. I love when that happens!

  8. I thought Punjabi Widows was on my want to read list, but alas it was not. It is now.

  9. I own Erotic Stories for Punjabi Women but haven't read it yet. I may have to bump it up on my list after reading your glowing review!

  10. I was pleasantly surprised with Dream Daughter. I'm not usually a fan of that kind of book, and I picked it up on a whim, so I'm glad it turned out the way it did.

  11. Pride is on my list - and actually I have it out from the library right now so maybe I should just get to it already. Haha. I was pleasantly surprised by The Dream Daughter but I love that plot element and knew about it beforehand :) LOVED Children of Blood and Bone and cannot wait for the next one.

  12. I've heard mixed reviews of The Children of Blood and Bone but I think I would like to check it out!