How My Day is Going...

Started out this morning with Hubs getting up early to go work out and waking me up. While I'm glad he is going to work out...he has asked me repeatedly to make sure I close the bathroom door when I get up early so the light doesn't wake him up...but he left it WIDE OPEN. So, I was annoyed.

And then when I asked him about this, he of course brought up how I do this all the time even though I really thought I was getting better...and then he got huffy when I was annoyed (he did apologize, but my feelings do not change in an instant just because of an apology). So then we were arguing and my day was super crappy.

Then I got to work and noticed that I left my office keys at home. And then, while I was freaking out about that, I locked my car keys in my car.

Of course, I had to call Hubs and ask him to wake up Babycakes (because he was keeping her home ttoday so she was still sleeping) and bring me my keys. This is unpleasant enough, but especially when you're in a tiff.

And, because NC weather is bouncing up and down like a yo-yo, my feet started to freeze because I had sandals on. This would have been fine if I hadn't had to wait almost 30 minutes outside, but since I did, I was cold (it's like 30 degrees warmer by 5 pm than 8 am).

Anyway, he brought it to me...and we snipped at each other some more, but then made up.

And Babycakes was super happy because he let her wear her robe in the car (she loves her robe). But then she cried when I went into my office because I guess she didn't understand that I wasn't going back home with them.

And then I spilled all the contents of my purse onto the floor in my office.

Then I bought myself a big cup of coffee and a cheese Danish.

Things got slightly better after that...but I am ready for tonight so I can go to sleep and get a do-over tomorrow.

How's your day?


  1. Days of inconvenience after inconvenience are the absolute WORST. Like, can a lady get a fucking break? Oh no, this is how this is going to go today. FINE. UGH.

    And it never fails on days like that, I drop every.single.thing on the floor and have to pick it up, which is one of my least favorite things.