Prompt: Good Habit to Develop

(prompt found on Debbie in Shape via Pinterest)

A good habit that I am trying to get into...there are actually several!

But one of them is to put my clothes up sooner. I am pretty good about keeping clothes washed and dried, but then they sit around in baskets forever. There are two negative effects of this.

1) My clothes end up super wrinkled. TBH, I already end up covered with dog hair from my two monstrous, shed-y dogs. I don't need to be messy on top of that and look 100% bedraggled!

2) I end up rushing around in the mornings and starting my day off negatively because I don't have what I need to get dressed for the day.

We've come to realize in our house that my husband's thing is dishes. He doesn't care about literally anything else, as long as that is done.

Mine is laundry. It drives me freakin' crazy when there are no clothes, or dirty clothes are laying around on the floor/in front of the washer because the baskets are full of clean clothes that just haven't been folded or put up.

So, I'm making it a point to have all of my clothes put up. The other night I stayed up until 10:30 doing this, which is late for me! I made Babycake help me put up her clothes, and then after she went to bed I finished folding mine & Hubby's clothes. Then I put all of mine up.

And the next night I was in bed by 8:30...because all the chores were done and I was tired and I could.

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  1. The laundry is my chore. For a while there, I was washing huge loads, just so I wouldn't have to wait on the dryer to finish a millionty times and put away a millionty individual loads. And since we're back to the gym regularly, that means the laundry exponentially increases and I do not understand HOW!

    My trick is to at least lay the stuff to be hung out flat when I pull it out of the dryer. Usually I shake it out, then lay it over the dryer door. All socks/underwear/non folded/goes in drawers/can get wrinkled items go in the basket. Then I take the stack on the dryer door and lay it neatly over the clothes in the basket. I repeat this until the loads are done and then I put everything away at once. It feels like no matter how I do it though, it always takes half of my life to do laundry while Teh German's dishes chore only takes less than 15 per day.

    Then again, I guess if you stretch it out over a week, it's probably about the same amount of time, but we don't generate enough clothes to wash every day without me having environment guilt.