Current Thoughts

We subscribed to a local CSA- Community Support Agriculture- and I am SO PUMPED. Basically, it's a subscription box from a local farm. Each week we get a box of fresh produce and fruit. We had to pay upfront, which is a little intimidating, but it works out to about 25$ a week for several months. We've considered this for a few years and finally pulled the plug. Because I also always consider growing a garden...and then don't. Oh well. This is step one, okay people? I was also worried about pickup due to our wonky schedule (shift work kind of suuuuucks, FYI) but it has several pickups around town and one is literally right beside my work so YEAH BABY. Going for it in 2019!

My coffee might be kicking in.

I've been working out consistently for about a year and half. I don't go super hard, y'all. But I usually go 1-2 a week, sometimes 3 times if all the planets align just right and the angels sing a heavenly chorus. Hubby has said repeatedly that he can tell, specifically that my thighs were much more toned. Well, in the last month...and there is no other way to say ass and thighs have exploded. Like, I cannot fit in any of my pants. I thought I was going crazy but Hubs confirmed that there has been a big change in the last few weeks. It's all nice and toned, but it's getting real thick. I was considering going to dresses just so I am not constantly having to buy new pants, but now I gotta deal with chub rub and I feel a little weird about constantly rubbing coconut oil on my thighs at my desk. End up desperate buying some jeggings at Walmart that are surprisingly comfy...but we'll see how long they last.

I made these No Bake Energy Bites the other night with Babycakes, and they are so good! I added about 1/4 of melted coconut oil and some cinnamon, which took them from decent to freakin' amazing. But I need to make them into smaller balls, because Babycakes pops the whole thing in her mouth. So does Hubs, but he's not a toddler so it's less concerning. I might also try making them into bars, because Babycakes is obsessed with Nutra Grain Bars so maybe we could do this instead. We'll see how much energy they actually give me, but either way they're delicious. I originally found them while looking for an easy dessert to make for a friend who recently had a baby, and figured she could definitely use some energy with a newborn!

Someone on FB posted about the lack of produce if the Mexican border closes...and someone else commented that it would be good for produce growers in FL and CA and we could import from other countries like Chile &, cool. Because I'm sure farmers will magically get more land and crops and workers and time and energy as soon as the border closes. And it makes total sense to depend on OTHER brown people from countries that are farther long as it's not Mexico, right?!  Are we learning nothing from the mess that is the Brexit exit? Sorry, dumb question, of course we aren't.

Spring is officially here. There are "pollen ponds" everywhere and I am currently dealing with an increasingly intense sinus headache.


What's up with you lately?


  1. That pollen gif will give me nightmares.

  2. If the Mexican border closes we are in trouble on MANY fronts, food only being one of them. I wish people could think.

    You go on the muscles! I wear tight (but comfortable, obviously shorts under all of my dresses. I have to with the train and things blowing around. Danskin has good options.

    I make a version of the energy bites, love them! This reminds me it's been a while since I've made them.