What's New: May 2019

I finally started watching Game of Thrones. I'm surprisingly unspoiled on this show, which is nice, so I can actually binge it. Mainly I'm excited because the fact that I'm watching this show means I may be able to coerce a friend who loves it to give Dr. Who a chance...she wanted someone to talk about GoT with and I need a Whovian in my life besides Hubby.

We finally took Babycakes to the zoo! It was so fun. I know the toddler stage can come with a lot of drama and frustration, but it's also so friggin' fun! I love it.

It's super annoying to me that you can't change the email attached to your Google Account...so I made one to match the blog title and am slowly switching everything over. It's a PITA...and not really relevant to anyone other than me, but I wanted to vent.

Finally bought some new work clothes, thanks to Target and a surprisingly good experience selling something on the Facebook Marketplace. These wide-leg pants are amazing. I love skinny pants, but literally any change in my legs and they stop fitting...they're just not as reliable as I'd like. These are so comfy and breathable and seem like they will fit for a while.

Tried to do a Mother's Day gift for Babycake's grandmas...and guys, I really suck at Plaster of Paris! Bahahaha. I was feeling annoyed with myself till I told a friend who tried the same thing, and apparently they had a very similar experience! So at least it was a bonding experience for her & I- because Babycakes was over it very quickly and eventually agreed with me that "We did not do a great job." But we tried, y'all.

I finally bought some reusable snack bags- these, specifically, from Amazon. They are clear, super thick, and survived an attack by my dogs who smelled the cheese that had been in there while they were in the sink waiting to be washed. You can put them in the dishwasher but it recommended to hand-wash to last longer. The only issue I have with them is that you have to make sure you prop them over a dryer rack or cups/etc to ensure they stay open while drying, or else they don't dry. But the fact that you can see a tooth-mark in the bag yet it still doesn't leak or have any issues keeping things fresh makes up for it.

What's up with you latley?

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  1. For the email drama, I usually just create a new one, add that account as an author/set the comments to go to that new email account, then forward the emails to the new account to my primary account (so I don't have to sign into a millionty different accounts to check my email). Maybe this help? It is tedious.

    After I run out of disposable face wash wipes, I'll be moving to face pads and a cleaner that I can buy. I've considered reusable plastic bags, but we don't keep a dish drainer on the counter and it just seems annoying to have to wash and dry. Instead, I try to use the reusable plastic bowls we have instead of bags since they can go in the dishwasher and you'd have to bring home the plastic bag anyways. Also, the container means things don't get crushed.