I've Made Too Many Vampire Jokes...

 Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash

and now it's really happening.

For years I have said I'm part vampire, because I'm always cold and very pale.

Now I can add a sun allergy to the list.

Seriously, it's a thing.

It first happened last year. We went to the beach with some friends; we spent the morning at the beach and the afternoon at the aquarium. On the way to the aquarium I noticed these small hives on my hands and forearms. I started freaking out and as soon as we got the aquarium I asked my friend who is a doctor what it was. She said it just looked like a little allergic reaction, and to just take some antihistamines and it would probably be fine.

It happened again at the beginning of this summer, when I was working out with FiA. It was mild, probably because I was only outside for about an hour. But it was right around the time change so my body wasn't used to being in direct sunlight. Took some more Benedryl and waited it out. Now I can workout with no problem, because apparently sun allergies just require slow, gradual sun exposure.

Fast forward to this past weekend, when we went camping at the Outer Banks. We had a great time, and obviously my sun time increased a ton very quickly because...we were camping at the beach.

Saturday after coming back to camp from a few hours on the beach, I realized I was covered in hives. I felt kind of bad because one of my friends commented about it being on my face- turns out he was very concerned and thought they were going to have to rush me to Urgent Care.

Thankfully, it is just superficial dermatitis...but holy fuck balls, everything itches.

Let me be clear, this is not sunburn or sun poison. It's straight up hives from prolonged sun exposure.

I went to the doctor and the NP student nurse also thinks it could be fungal- not really sure how or why, but she seems to think it's from being humid and sweaty and generally wet. I disagree, because of where it is and how it happens. The regular NP said it could be or it could just be dermatitis. So she prescribed a cream that is a mix of steroid cream and anti-fungal cream so we can cover both bases.

Here's hoping it works. I can also try taking Benedryl before I spend a lot of time outside to try and prevent this reaction from happening again. 

Also, I feel very adult because I finally got tired of Googling and saved both my doctor's office and pharmacy's phone numbers in my phone. Probably should have done it before now, but thankfully haven't had to use them too often.


  1. SO I knew a guy in the navy who also had a sun allergy. He wore a rash guard all the time when we'd go out on the boat or when out diving. I know they aren't cute, but maybe a good alternative to the hives?

    Also, that really fucking sucks. BUT DO YOU SPARKLE?!

  2. So this happened to my friend all of the sudden about 10 years ago. Never a problem then boom, a problem. Last year it went away and hasn't happened since. Thank God the body changes sometimes, right?