Stuff Worth Sharing: June 2019

I can't decide if hearing what a 77% pro-Trump town did after witnessing an ICE raid makes me hopeful or incredibly frustrated. Listen to the story to understand. Please.

Netflix show that is dark and mysterious and questioning and I thought it was too depressing but now I'm hooked. Also, love Linda Cardellini. Always.

Hilarious new podcast, check it out, and you're welcome.

Palmer's Olive Oil Leave In Conditioner
This stuff is great for the ends of my hair that are super dry and frizzy. It's works great...when I remember to spray it on before bed. Which I don't always do. It does make my roots a little greasy but overall still good.

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  1. I may test the Trump listen..
    I've considered Dead To Me, but I'm not sure I'm ready to commit.
    I'm also checking out this Adulting podcast, but sometimes her voice is getting on my nerves.