What's New: August 2019

So, I've been really iffy about my future education. Because I like the idea of a grad degree, but kind of hate the process of getting it...at least during the summer classes. Anyway, I dropped my summer class and tried to get a refund for my McGraw Hill Connect access- because apparently physical books are dumb and that's all that matters now (mainly bitter because I get a stipend from work that covers physical books but not e-tools, which is what 90% of my professors use). The initial refund request was denied, but I took a survey and stated why I thought that was a BS decision. Then I got an email stating that my refund would be approved if I provided proof my withdraw- which I did, and then got radio silence for OVER A MONTH, despite emails and opening a brand new ticket. Finally called, was put on hold for 12 minutes, but got my refund.

I am both happy and annoyed- at them and at myself. Annoyed that they took so long, and happy to finally have it taken care of. Happy with myself for calling and not backing down, but frustrated that calling feels like such a big deal. I know it's an anxiety thing and lots of people have it- especially my generation because ew, talking on the phone is so 1995. But it's still frustrating, although that also means it's even more of a reason to be proud...but it's a weird circle of feelings.

We are done with swim lessons, praise! She cried like I was abandoning her to the wolves the first day. Then she liked it for a few days, then she didn't...then the teacher that she loved hurt her leg and couldn't come back and it was a total reset. BUT- she "passed" and it's done and...yep. Happy to be back to schedule. I was considering signing her up for some kind of fall activity but nope. I just want to be home, and I think she does too.

We got a Roomba on Prime Day and oh my gosh, I AM IN LOVE. Apparently Hubs didn't think it would keep up with our dog hair problem, and that it would break it immediately...he only agreed because I kept talking about it (which is way too much money to spend to prove someone wrong, but in marriage you pick your battles and I get that). But he agreed that it was a great idea! It's amazing, our dogs don't chase it, and Babycakes loves it ("That's a good robot, I like that robot, I want the robot to clean my room")- although she does run to the couch or ask us to pick her up so it doesn't run her over. It also makes us keep things more tidy overall because it will get stuck on clothes/etc. if they are left out.

There's been this image floating around Facebook and Pinterest that talks about the different types of hobbies you should have, and how one of them should be your "side hustle" that makes money. I have issues with dependency on this hustle mentality, but for some reason I haven't been able to get this out of my head. Not exactly a hobby, but I'm considering a side hustle. Dunno how profitable it will be yet, but I'm thinking of offering a meal planning service. I do it for myself and my friends have expressed interest. So...I'm trying it with one friend, and then maybe offering it to others. My goal is that it will be cheap enough that if you eat out 2+ times a month due to lack of planning, it will be a cheaper option.

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  1. I'm proud of you for getting your money back! That shit is expensive and I can't understand the justification for the cost of textbooks.

    Roomy is the shiznit. Our downstairs went from who tracked the outside, inside to looking like someone actually keeps up with the floors.. and I am NOT that person. Even when the canister is full, the vacuum tracks on the runner make my brain FEEL like it's clean.

    This week I'm picking up PT Kid from camp in the afternoon and I've not been on my normal schedule and it's throwing me off and I do not like it. Today is the last day. *Insert all the praise hands emojis*

  2. I have had friends ask me to do actual meal prep for them and while I could have done it, I was like...no. I would not be well with someone doing my meal planning but I know many who would. I say try it, if nothing happens nothing happens! No harm no foul.

  3. I feel the same about a grad degree- I took 3 classes non-matriculated, but then I realized that I absolutely hated the subject, so I stopped. I really dislike when companies give you such a run-around to get refunds as well. I had a similar issue around Christmas and honestly it was such a pain that eventually I gave up (and clearly I'm still bitter about it). Good luck with the meal planning side hustle- that sounds like a great idea!

  4. why not? just try it! testing the waters with friends is the best way to see how things should work/how you want things to work so give it a go...if it doesn't work, then at least you know you tried. that's how my friend started her business and now it's a huge hit...she started doing 'work shops' with us and it was such a hit that she expanded it which eventually gave her the motivation/courage to take the plunge.

  5. We got a Roomba about 4 years ago. It worked great in that house but our current house is not conducive to a Roomba...too many corners and places to get stuck. So we actually sold it and figure we'll get another one in a few years in a different house.

    I have one more month of swim "lessons" (because it's me holding him in the pool lol) and then we're done. I exposed him to swimming = my job done for this summer. We'll start again next year.

  6. good job on getting your money back and not giving up. i am sure that a lot of places just bank on the fact that people hate calling and fighting things like that, so good for you. i really like my roomba, but my cats and husband hate it lol so i end up hardly using it. it was a gift though, so i'm not too mad.