What's New: September 2019

Whoops. Since I was out of work due to Hurricane Dorian on the first Thursday of the month, I forgot to link up with the What's New link-up...but here's my post anyway.

We tried the grocery pickup, and it was kind of cool! It feels a little weird to have other people pick things out for us, but it's also nice to not have to dig through the store and probably helps with last minute purchases.

Babycakes is officially in full-blow drama queen mode. She's still a fun little kid...but the the other morning on the way to daycare, she started crying real tears because the truck we were behind turned on to another road. "But Mommy I miiiiiiiisss the truck."

I'm ready for fall. As I told Teh Megan, I basically feel like a bear ready for hibernation. Bring on cold, rainy weather so I can wear my plaid and cuddle under a blanket and read books while drinking hot toddies.

Hubs has started a lifestyle change/workout+food regimen to achieve some goals...and I'm so proud of him and it's great. But, I am almost to the point where I would kill for some spaghetti #missingmycarbabundance

Listening to videos like this one from The Sensible Mama make me 100% confident in my decision to scale back on blogging (read more) and also makes me feel like my decision to kind of settle at work is the correct one. I don't think I ever want to be a business owner...I really, really dislike owing people things. I have no problem sharing or helping people or meeting clear goals, but I have a huge problem with expectations (especially from strangers) and guilt which seems to be a lot of a business owner's life. Brittany ain't got time for that.

Apparently being off for Labor Day and lounging around in yoga pants (because hot as hades+mom life= yoga pants) means that I dressed extra preppy for work. Cue pearls+dark lipstick.

Babycakes apaprently can't say comfy, or has it confused with another word, because she will tell me how "company" her blanket and stuffed animals are. LOVE IT.

I did my first mud+obstacle run! And I'm super proud of myself. I have a gigantic bruise on my shin, that I swear is pulsating pain all the way up the bone. It sucks. Shockingly, it took 3 days to show up (even though I could feel it) but now it's a lovely shade of yellow and green.


  1. Company, I love it! That's cute.

    I'd not be a business owner either.

  2. I like being able to walk away from work and be DONE with it. I don't think that's a thing as a business owner. I'm totally happy being a peon.

    Hurricane, y u no bring fall? I'm still pissed it's been so damn hot... AND HUMID. So humid that when I drive to work/school with wet hair, the windshield fogs up since I have the AC on. #FirstWorldProblems

    Congrats on your mud run! IMO, mud runs are fun once, maybe twice, because I do not enjoy suffering from mysterious injuries and I've heard of people getting infections from the nasty waters. I always go in the first 5 waves because germs.

    Labor day was weird here since it was the first day of the evacuation and everything was closed or chaos. But.. we went out and I wore yoga pants because IDGAF.

  3. obstacle races are so much fun! i was hooked on them for a while after i did tough mudder but then had to stop because my shoes were destroyed lol