Rejoining the World last (very intermittent) post have been kind of downers because, well, last month was hard.

Everyone in the house got sick, there was a ton of parenting stuff (Halloween is a surprisingly big event with a kid), I couldn't work out due to a combo of the aforementioned issues which messes with me,  and daylight savings time happened...I just got in a huge slump.

Anyway. I'm feeling slightly better.

Babycakes is visiting her grandparents, so Hubs & I had a night out together. We had dinner and then went to do some Christmas shopping for Babycakes. It was nice to go somewhere a little more adult, and spend some quiet night. We had a good talk about some family stuff- with the holidays coming up, it's always a bit of an issue. With last month being so crazy, it was good to have some time together and recharge as a couple.

My plan for this child-free weekend So much fun, right? It will be, because I have wine!

Can you tell I started watching Cougar Town?

We have this room in our used to be the guest room, then it was the foster room, then I have way turned it into an office but not all the way because we weren't sure if we wanted to try and have more kids or it's just become a junk room. Babycake's old clothes that she is outgrown are in there waiting to be put up in the attic, Christmas gifts are hidden in there, think there is some camping gear in there...I really don't know to be honest. But, I have a whole day of no child or husband or errands and I'm going to get it back under control.

Anyway. I hope to be back soon. How are you?


  1. We use our garage as a... garage, like for our vehicles, so we have a "stuff" space too. Fortunately, this house has obnoxiously large closets, so I picked our "first child room"'s closet and took that over with suitcases and dog blankets and my wedding dress and etc things. I did finally get rid of the folding papasan chair from college since I hadn't used it in years and I was hoarding it as a "just in case" chair..

    That said, I admire your goals. If I had a no kid/husband/homework day, I'd probably sleep in late, eat oreos for breakfast, endlessly scroll, maybe puzzle and audiobook, probably a nap.. Bra = optional.