Show Us Your Books: November 2019

This has been a slow reading month. I finished my Harry Potter reread, but I don't count rereads in my yearly goal. Oh, but these two books did make me hit my yearly goal.

I feel like I always hit a little bit of a slump around this of year, so I guess this is to be expected.

Gods of Jade & Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
This was an interesting read. I haven't read many fiction books that weren't from an Anglo-Saxon background, so this was a cool change. It's a good coming-of-age story, and I liked the human-god comparison/merge. I'd read more.

This did hurt a little to read. She had some tough times as a teen. It was interesting to hear about Hollywood from the perspective of someone who has had success but isn't exactly a household name. Her frank discussion of new parenthood and the change it can bring on relationships was real, and I love when people express that things can be good but bad. Apparently this is kind of what she is known for re: Instagram Stories, but I don't get on there much. It wasn't as much of a bummer as I am making it sound, haha. And it was a very quick read. 

This was fun fantasy read. Not amazing but passed the time pleasantly.

What have you been reading lately?
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  1. gods of jade and shadow sounds super interesting, adding it to my list!

  2. I havent seen any of these before!

  3. Busy is a big IG celebrity. I don't read those memoir type of books often but if I did I'd read that.

  4. I really love Busy's memoir - I just read that recently too. Should have a full review soon.


  5. I almost always enjoy celebrity memoirs. I hardly know anything about Busy Phillips (to your point about her not being a household name!), but it sounds like I'd enjoy her book!

  6. I always liked Busy Phillips, I will have to check out her book :)

  7. I don't generally enjoy celebrity memoirs but I did like Busy on Freaks and Geeks. I realize those are completely unrelated.

  8. Busy Phillips is interesting in the sense that she's not done a lot of famous projects but she assumes we all should know who she is lol.
    I think she did a bunch of commercials recently that were on podcasts I listened to?