What's New Link-Up: November 2019

There's pretty much only one thing new with me- I've been sick for about 3 weeks now. The first week I thought it was just normal allergies; I have about a week every Spring & Fall during the changing temps that is miserable, but then I'm fine. The second week I got to about 90% better...at which point Hubs and Babycakes got sick (with different issues). Now it's week three and I'm back in the dumps. FML.

Went to the doctor, got some antibiotics finally...and since those kill both good and bad bacteria...also have a lady issue now to deal with on top of regular cold symptoms. Whoo-fuckin-hoo.

Hmmm, let's see though...short versions of other things that have happened since the last link-up.

  • We threw a Harry Potter Halloween party...it was great...some things I tried were totally worth it and some weren't. Glad we only go HAM once a year. 
  • Made a lot of progress on Christmas shopping, which I'm happy about. Just gotta wait till Black Friday for some sales on clothes, because that's really all that's left. I get basically all dudes shirts, because idk what else they want. Other than Hubs, but for other relatives...it's just shirts. And that's a Black Friday special. 
  • 'Member how I said Hubs is on this new healthy eating thing? Well...it's slightly rubbed off, without me trying, and now I can't eat too much ice cream or sweets without feeling sick. Seriously. Had a small Blizzard from DQ and felt terrible after. 
  • I finally started watching Brooklyn 99 and it more than lives up to the hype. 
  • Did a reread of Harry Potter because...I'm in a reading slump, and I reread series when I'm too tired to take in anything new. Felt lots of feels.


  1. I hope you feel better soon!
    The Halloween party sounds fun.

  2. oh man, that sucks! sorry to hear you've been sick. re-reading always hits the spot when i'm in a slump - i've been meaning to re-read HP for a couple years!