Weekend Update

This weekend Babycakes went to stay with her grandparents. Apparently a lot of people think it's weird that I ship my kid off for days at a time to a location several hours away...but there's really point in driving that far for just a few hours or night. Also, I was super close with my grandparents as a kid, and that is the only reason I feel at all guilty for moving away from my hometown. So I try to make it a point to support her relationship with her grandparents and make that a priority for her.

Anyway, I got so much done around the house. Normally I will push myself too far, but I think I did a good job of being realistic and also forcing myself to enjoy that alone time also (hubs had to work some this weekend so I had the house to myself).

It didn't start off great. I took a short lunch on Friday so I could leave a little early, get some day-to-day chores out of the way, and shower before Hubs got home. That plan epically failed because there was a ridiculous wreck. Due to DST, it was already dark when I left. Plus it was raining. These are my least favorite driving conditions, it super stresses me out. Add in the fact that one of the biggest intersections in my city was blocked by cop cars and ambulances with flashing lights...it was rough. Then the only way to detour was by a school zone, so that made everything even worse. Needless to say, I'm normally home by 5:20 when I don't leave early, and I made it home at 6:00. Thankfully, I had put some food in the slow cooker so dinner was ready, and we just upgraded to the kind with a timer so it wasn't burnt to hades.

So, I ate and drank wine and maybe something else that I don't remember.

Saturday I finally returned to my normal exercise schedule. It was cold and windy and I'm sore and I love it. This past month has been rough, and I know that with the holidays and everything I'm going to need it even more than normal.

I went home and actually managed to do a lot in a quick succession. I cleaned my bathroom mirrors and Babycake's tub before I took a shower, because that always makes me feel gross anyway. Side note: why I ever bother trying traditional cleaners I don't know. Vinegar and baking soda are by far the best for cutting through grime. I go back to it every time.

Next I tackled our spare room. It was both nice and frustrating that half the stuff in there was already bagged up for either a) trash, or b) donation. And it just never made it to those places. It wasn't gross trash, like food or anything, just items that were no longer needed and couldn't/weren't in good enough shape to be donated.

My plan was to have a complete hermit day, including lots of booze and PJs only. But...I didn't want to loose the momentum or have to come back to this room, so I sucked it up and put on regular clothes and took everything to a local charity for donation. Also, I took a detour by the library and picked up some books I had on hold. I think part of the reason I got in such a slump last month is because I picked books randomly on my last visit, so I had about 6 books and just no interest in them at all (might blog more about this later). So I'm going back to requesting books already on my TBR only. It's just more sensible this way, for me, right now.

Once I got back, it was straight back into PJs though.

The only thing left was laundry, which I did while binging the last season of Doctor Who. Jodie Whittaker is truly such a great 13th doctor, I forgot exactly how much I loved her.

I put up my clothes & Babycake's clothes, and then it was all about painting my nails and reading my new book. It's Confessions of a Domestic Failure by Bunmi Laditan and it is definitely breaking me out of my slump. Other than the stay-at-home thing, it's pretty 100% of my mindset after having a baby. It's an awesome slightly snarky, only barely-exaggerated description of new motherhood for those of us who aren't crunchy or serene or total hot messes (just half hot messes).

There were other daily errands I could have done, but I forced myself to chill. And I think it paid off, because I had a great afternoon alone- curled up with a comfy blanket and a good book while the wind howled outside (seriously, it's been ridiculous the past few days). Then it was a chill night with hubs once he got home, and I woke up super perky on Sunday. Like...it was ridiculous. I had the dishes done and all the rooms picked up before I even had coffee. I usually can't even walk without coffee...so this was big.

I had the time for picking up Babycake's mixed up, so I ended up having time to run to Sam's Club for a few things. Overall...I was super productive this weekend but didn't push myself too far. May sound simple, but it's a big deal for me.

How was your weekend?


  1. YAY for productivity! I love/hate how good being productive makes me feel. All adulty and shit.

    I had other things I could have been doing, but Sunday evening I went to Walmart all by myself to grab some things. Teh German said he'd come with me when I told him I was going, and when I clarified that I wanted to go alone, I think he almost did a victory lap around the house. Honestly, I just wanted to go alone so I wouldn't feel rushed and pressured by him to GTFO ASAP. When I go alone, I am better able to handle the other people because I'm on MY timeline. It's weird.

    My last exam for this semester is Dec 16th (less than 1 month!) and I'm planning on spending almost every weekend between then and when school starts back up in January like your weekend. CAN.NOT.WAIT.