Hello, world.

TBH, I just haven't felt like blogging I haven't.

Apparently all I've blogged about lately are books, which kind of makes sense. I'm on book 10 or 11 for the year, and it's only the first week of February. This is a bit much for me, although I usually have peaks and valleys so maybe it's not as unusual as it feels.

In general...everyone has still been sick. We had a week, maybe two, of health. And then...

I GOT PINK EYE. I don't even understand how. Supposedly Babycakes had red eyes at daycare, but they decided it didn't look like pink eye so they didn't call us to get her. She was mostly fine but Saturday my eye started pouring goo and Sunday I woke up with it swollen.

Hubs had it a few weeks ago, due to allergy backup which I didn't even know was a thing, but his didn't swell so he got a little concerned looking at mine. I didn't want to pay for urgent care, but I remembered the new online doc thing so I tried that. 30 minutes from creating an account to seeing a doc and getting a Rx. For half the price of urgent care- WIN. I ended up taking Babycakes to the doctor on Monday just to be its eye drops every four hours and hand-washing every 4 minutes. Super fun.

I/we as a family had a great week, and then a crap week, and now...idk. It's fine. Living my life.

I'm getting tired of hearing from other people, to be honest, and tired of putting anything out there. The world feels noisy, and I don't feel like my particular noise is needed or wanted or, more importantly, helpful.

So things are fine, but my time and energy is just going to different places that are better for me.

And my blog is the one place in my life I don't have to defend myself, but for the very few who actually read this blog on a regular basis, I thought I would pop in and ensure that I am not dead.


  1. That's how I feel post sickness and recovery, eh it's fine. IDK, maybe it's because so many people were concerned about me during the sickness and everyone was checking in on me and while I appreciated the concern, it was a lot of attention and now I feel like keeping to myself isn't bad. So I also get the keeping to yourself too.

    Also, when I was sick, I tried to use the online doc and it was so fucking frustrating I ended up back at Urgent care and wasting so much money. Thanks, Technology. :|

  2. Aw man, so sorry to hear that everyone has been sick! And pink eye... ugh. I used to get that quite often because I wear contacts, and actually found an OTC pink eye ointment that worked within 24 hours. I've been skeptical about the online docs so I appreciate learning that they work! Hope you and the fam are feeling better!

  3. Sorry to hear about you being sick. I was actually missing you and I am glad you are back. You are one of those persons in my life whom I always look to. I hope you recover soon from your pink eye, for I know how frustrating it is. Check out more updates in