COVID Quarantine Journal Prompts

1. Quarantine has taught me _________. I can handle being at home. I usually do not like to sit at home. On the weekends, back pre-COVID, I liked to go-go-go. My job is your standard boring office job, and I don't get a lot of interaction or movement so I like making up for that. But this has taught me how to enjoy being at home, and how to really appreciate what I have. Also it's helped me realize that I can interact and play with Babycakes and come up with activities much easier than I originally would have guessed. I may sound like a terrible mom, but I can easily over-analyze things and put unnecessary pressure on myself. No where is this more true than motherhood. It's been nice to see what I'm capable of when that time crunch/expectation is gone. 

2. I'm really glad I don't have to ______ anymore. Hmmm...this is harder than I thought it would be. Right now I can only think of things that I want to do. Maybe I'm glad to not have to sit in traffic? 

3. I've realized I've been taking _______ for granted. My family. My home. My town. I said it before, and it's just true- I'm so blessed to be where I am. I know there are good things and bad things about every place people live. But I grew up in a town where I knew I didn't fit in, and always felt like I was meant to leave. I loved the opportunity to live in different places during Hubs' Army service, but we always knew those places were temporary. I'm thankful to have a nice home with a big yard, and to live in a place with mild weather, so we can get outside a lot. Also to live in a place that has lots of outdoor trails and paths and greenways that we have been able to take advantage of during this quarantine. I feel like we are in as good of a place, physically and community wise, as we could possibly ask for, and that is a great feeling. 

4. If I could have anything for the rest of this, it would be _________. Hmmmm. Maybe the laptop desk I ordered on Amazon, that I didn't order until a month and a half of working at home, and that won't be here until I am close to going back to the office? 

5. I'm going to tell my kids/grandkids that this was _________. A roller coaster. Seriously. Some days I love the extra time with Babycakes, I'm able to stay calm and realize that staying home is one of the easiest things to do to help others. Other days I can't shake the concern for my family, my community, my state, my nation, the world at large...I've never experienced anything even close to this. There are so many questions and unknowns. Sometimes I loose my temper with Babycakes. I am scared that she's having trouble processing but can't identify or express it. I'm worried that I'm not challenging her enough or teaching her enough or being patient enough...or being strict enough or that I'm letting her watch entirely too much TV. I'm frustrated with people not taking this seriously, and I'm annoyed at people choosing to believe hype over fact, and ignoring science, and blaming people...and I'm also trying to face reality that some people are ignorant (some by choice, some very much not by choice but don't know what they don't know) and some are just having trouble keeping up (because this is hard to keep up with). 

6. The easiest part of this whole thing has been ________. Binging TV? Sleeping? 

7. I'm increasing my knowledge by ________. Um...not doing this. What knowledge am I supposed to be increasing? I'm surviving and trying to keep myself and my family sane. 

8. I was looking forward to _______ but it was canceled. My kid's birthday. My husband's birthday. My first time attending a local race that is a big deal within my workout group. A local mud run. A beach trip with friends in June that was canceled because the park isn't reopening until two days after we were scheduled to be there.

9. One thing I wish the world would learn from this is ________. You are not a solitary being. None of us are. The ties that bind us may feel loose, but they exist.

10. The worst part of all this has been ________. The times I lost my temper with Babycakes. I didn't beat her or lock her in a closet or do anything traditionally terrible. But I lost my temper, and yelled and it was right. 

11. The most bizzare thing I've heard yet is ________. The crazy conspiracy theories about who let this loose on purpose. The distrust in the CDC and science in general. FYI, if someone "knows it's coming," it doesn't mean they created it or hid could just mean they were paying attention to something you weren't paying attention to. 

12. My binge-worthy show has been __________. Community. When it's good, it's fantastic. But I'm not going to lie- there have been some terrible episodes also. 

13. The first thing I'm going to do when all this is over is __________. I would really like to have a date night with my hubby. This is a stressful time and we obviously haven't been able to have Babycakes visit her grandparents or get a sitter, and our time together has just been...slim, not to mention repetitive. 

14. I'm taking this as an opportunity to _______. Stop. Just stop doing things. Some of this is good, some is probably bad, but yeah. I'm just quitting expectations and worries and literally doing whatever makes me not feel crazy each day.

15. Something I've learned about myself during this time is _________. I definitely made the right choice not to be a stay-at-home-mom. Additionally, I can do more mom-ish things that I would have expected. I do have a mom grove, and I found out where it is and where it isn't. 

16. The best source of entertainment has been _________. Harry Potter & Outlander. 

17. The biggest way my life has changed is ______________. Honestly, how do I pick this? I'm responsible for Babycakes education, which is scary and hard, especially while working (even though I am able to do part-time). I can't see my friends or workout. 

18. One thing that will never change is ________. My family holds it together. 

19. I've been practicing how to _________. Learn grace, both towards myself and others.

20. An average day for me now looks like __________. It depends. If Hubs is working, I wake up at 4:30 and telework for 2-3 hours until Babycakes wakes up. Then we eat breakfast. We may go for a walk or bike ride, or do some supposedly education activities from Pinetrest. Then it's lunch and nap/quiet time. I may work some more or I may nap or read till she wakes up. Then we play until it's time to make dinner. Post-dinner is the only time that is the same: eat, bath, story time, prayers, and bed. If Hubs is not working, I can sleep will 6-7 usually, have breakfast with the fam, and then work anywhere from 4-6 hours. May have lunch with the fam or just emerge later in the afternoon to hang with the fam.

21. My go-to snack has been ___________. Cheese sticks and Gatorade protein bars. 

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  1. Thank you sharing. I will be using these prompts. Have a good evening.