September 2020 Check-In

 We have been in our house for about 7 years now, and some things are starting to need maintenance. It's frustrating that everything seems to happen at once, but also, it's life. My husband is currently working on our sliding glass door because it's been getting progressively harder to open over the past few months- like, I went to a friends house over the weekend and probably almost broke hers because I used way too much force on moved so easy. Anyway, it's been about 45 minutes and I honestly can't tell how it's going. Hubs gets very dryly sarcastic when he's working on things, and it could be going fantastic or terrible. There is truly no difference in tone and I can't tell anything from the other room.

Babycakes is reaching an actual independent stage. Not just wanting to be independent, but actually being capable. She's starting to bathe alone (although we have to work on washing her hair correctly)...she doesn't want me around in the morning when she gets dressed...oh, and guess who taught her how to brush her own hair properly? CINDERELLA. Not the parents who have been doing it for years, but an imaginary character. I'm salty. 

I feel very behind with podcasts and I don't know that I'll ever catch up. Or how much I should try to.

Also I'm not reading a lot lately...have tons of library books and it's just not happening.

I've been growing out my hair for like two years, because I like the idea of being able to braid it. But, I was at the point where it takes 45+ minutes to dry that shit, and I was DONE. Got it cut to roughly my collar bone (maybe 4 inches shorter?) which I call "short," but apparently "short" to other people = pixie cut so my mom & husband always freak out. Either way, I feel like both a literal and physical weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Speaking of hair stuff, I was going to try the Curly Girl Method while in quarantine, but...that's a fucking process y'all. And it requires so much work and product, which is like...the opposite of what I really want. And it's such a guessing game, because "all hair is different." Also you are supposed to avoid heat, but I can't stand having wet hair (esp when it was long). But, I am trying to convert to CGM approved products (essentially no sulfates or silicones) because I do feel like my hair is much softer and healthier since I switched to CGM approved shampoo & conditioner. Also kind of giving up the idea that I don't have to spend time/energy/product on my hair...but as long as it's short, I can style within 15 minutes so that's acceptable.

I was supposed to start going into the office roughly 50% of the week...but then I got another sinus cold. And I am really fuzzy about the rules, but I felt like until I stopped having congestion I shouldn't go in and freak people out. Think one of my co-workers got annoyed...but she was out of the office/fully teleworking for essentially two months. And it was because her mom was sick/passed away, so I completely get it...but don't get snappy with me after I'm doing my job AND half of your job even after you are "back." I don't know when she's working/in the office/etc. and she seems to be annoyed when I ask or bring my supervisor in, but I'm not okay being dragged for things I NEVER KNEW I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. Our positions work in tandem, but that doesn't mean I know 100% of your responsibilities, much less how to carry them out...not to mention, which ones you feel like doing and which ones you expect me to pick up. 

The NC Govenor recently passed a new order saying that all 5YOs in preschool have to wear a mask. Technically, Babycakes is in "pre-k" at the daycare she has been attending for several years.'s a daycare, but essentially they go until they start school with the last year at the daycare counting as "pre-k." Babycakes is only 4, but because she is in a class with some 5YOs/kids who will turn 5 everyone has to wear a masks. Look, do I like it? No. Is it frustrating that only like 25% of the kids at this center have to wear them? Yes. But...I AM SO GLAD I TALKED TO MY KID ABOUT MASKS 4 MONTHS AGO! She isn't scared of them, she understands (better than some adults, apparently) what germs are and how they move between people, and she is completely comfortable. It's not new, it's not scary, it's just...something we have to do until we learn how to treat this virus. And parents are complaining that it's too long to wear a mask ALL day...meanwhile, my kid is putting hers on before we even leave the house in the morning. I'm not saying I'm the perfect mom...but I am saying, pretty damn proud of myself and my kid. COVID sucks, but we are getting through it. 

Waited a few days to post this and now confirmation has been received that they don't have to wear masks, after I bought a ton and put her name on them in fabric paint. Told Babycakes and she just sighed and went "Back and forth, back and forth...every day they change the rules." #2020mood



 What's up with you?


  1. She ain't wrong....
    My reading has very much suffered with no commute. Also, shitty books, ugh. They burn me and then my motivation to read is even lower. Who am I even?
    100% of the reason I finally cut out the blue in my hair is so I didn't have to GAF anymore. Less washing to maintain the color = more oily hair = gross skin. The hair was so delicate from the lightening process that it was constantly breaking. Now I can wash it or not. Dry it or not. It's just past my shoulders and looks GOOD and feels healthy again and I'm almost excited to be blah blah brown again. It's all about whatever is most simple and least amount of effort.
    Home maintenance is the pits.