Domain & Blogging Woes

Y'all, my blogging situation is a hot mess right now. Um, it basically all sucks.

Last year I decided to go to and host through Bluehost. This year I decided to come back to Blogger (because I thought it would be free and simpler). I decided to just re-purchase my domain name through Bluehost so I didn't have to totally change everything again.

I don't think I can do that...even though I was told I could. Half of my Bluehost account doesn't show up when I try to click into it, their customer service is NOT helpful and basically told me I'm screwed (but they won't refund my money and take back the damn domain either).

So I've paid for a domain that I can't use, even though I called them and told the guy what I wanted (during the refund period) and he supposedly told me how to fix it. Did what he said, then like 2 weeks later (AFTER the refund period) my blog just dissapeared so if you go to you see a Bluehost message.

I am thinking I will just have to buy a new domain...not sure if I will try to keep it similar to P&P or go with something totally different. But I figured the best plan now would be to buy through Blogger...only when I click "buy domain" nothing happens.


I don't know what to do y'all. It's tough to blog when I really don't even feel like hitting publish does anything because people are probably not even seeing my post. So, I will try to do something about all this...but who knows. 2016 is not looking like the year of blogging so far. But hey, it's only January.


  1. That's so dumb. What a headache. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this. Do you know if Bluehost records their phone calls? If they do, you could potentially call them and ask them to pull the phone call where the guy told you that you could fix it. If he gave you wrong information and they can verify that, you might still be able to get your refund.

    I don't know what's up with Blogger's domain thing... I tried to cancel this year since I don't use it anymore, but any time I would try to get into "Google Apps," it would tell me I needed to sign in. I would sign in and it would give me an error message. It ended up renewing anyway because I couldn't get into it before it went into auto renewal. So dumb.

  2. Positive: I saw this in my feed.