Random Pregnancy Thoughts

My pregnancy has been, thankfully, pretty smooth. Still, my life (not to mention body) are clearly a little bit different now. Here are some of the random musings I've had regarding life in general as a preggo:

  • I did not realize that the size/shape of preggo bellies didn't stay the same.
    • I really thought it just morphed into a ball and then slowly grew bigger. This is not accurate- my stomach can look pretty different one day to the next, depending on where this baby decides to hang out. And I am not a particularly tall person or have a particularly tall waist, so I can only imagine the variations women with a longer torso face.

  • It's kind of fun to play "Where's the baby?" 
    • I do it all the time. I'm not one of those people who can tell if I'm feeling a foot or a head, etc, but there are definite spots in my stomach where it's obvious there is something other than just fat.

  • People commenting on your weight does get old...and I'm sure I still have LOTS more to go
    • It's tough because yes, while pregnant you are supposed to get big but that doesn't mean you want to just eat everything and gain ALL THE WEIGHT...there is a healthy balance only it's much much harder to control than when you aren't pregnant. I try to take it with a smile and view it as a good thing- baby is growing! Also, pregnant women complaining about getting bigger is such a drag, and I know that-it's bound to happen, but let's just put it this way- no matter how ridiculous or drastic the physical appearance of a pregnant woman may appear to you, I assure you SHE is aware of it and does not need you to point it out. The best option is to say "You look cute!" or if you don't think she looks cute, bypass physical judgement all together and just say you hope everyone is happy and healthy.

  • Also, do you know how many times I have been told to take care of the baby as we leave a place? 
    • It's apparently what you say to a preggo. Which I get, kinda, but also...do people really feel this is necessary? Like, if you don't say it, I'm going to start chugging whiskey and bungee jumping?

  • Oh, and we've officially reached the part of the pregnancy where I miss booze. 
    • Made it about halfway and then realized what all I'm missing.

  • I'm finally feeling movement! Like, for sure movement. 
    • It's nice. Everyone has been asking me for weeks, even though I knew it was still really early. Can't lie, it's a pretty cool thing. 

  • Maternity clothes rule.
    • Some people apparently have issues with maternity clothes. They keep saying to just buy regular clothes in bigger sizes. I've heard everything from "They're too expensive, I can't afford shipping and nothing in my small town offers maternity clothes, they come in ugly weird patterns, I want something I can wear after delivery..." All of these statements are bullshit, OK
    • I've spent maybe $100 on my maternity stuff, which includes two pairs of jeans and 5-7 shirts. Everything is pretty close to my normal style and I didn't pay shipping for anything (even though I did order half of it online). Now, I have been incredibly blessed that people have given me clothes so I haven't really bought a ton for myself (definitely asked for maternity clothes for Christmas presents). But if I was buying "regular" clothes in larger sizes I would have spent probably the same if not more...and they probably wouldn't have been as cute if I was shopping off the clearance rack! These clothes are made specifically for a pregnant body, which as I already said changes in VERY weird ways. I'd rather have clothes that specifically show I'm preggo versus making me look like I'm wearing too big clothes because I'm just becoming overweight. Maybe that's just me, maybe it's bitchy...but that's how I feel.
    • And if you are planning on staying large after birth...why does it matter if you're wearing large regular clothes or large maternity clothes? If anything, wouldn't having maternity clothes as the only thing that fits be motivation to drop the baby weight? This is probably the part where it becomes obvious that I'm a first-time mom and ignorant about these things...but oh well. We are who we are sometimes.

  • I can still do a lot, I just pay for it the next day.
    • I sound like an old man, but it's true. Yesterday we spent literally all day (except for lunch & dinner breaks) putting up decals in the baby's room. I did it...but I was hurting by the end of the day. Not like a worrisome way...but the my hips hurt and my arms hurt and my stomach hurts from where she was pushing on it (which she loves to do, also in my ribs, to the point where it feels almost bruised if I touch it from the outside). Basically, I needed to go lay down...which is really the only truly comfortable position a lot of the time (and yes, I know, I'm not even at the really bad part yet).


    1. People actually tell you to take care of the baby? I can see that being annoying. I'm sure no one is thinking, "This probably sounds condescending/obvious/none of my business." But it kind of is all of those things.

      I think it's really cool but also super weird that you can feel the baby moving. I just can't imagine what that feels like (obviously, having never been pregnant). It probably shouldn't but it still amazes me that we actually grow humans inside of us. It's really crazy how the circle of life works. Cue Lion King music...

      Also, idk if it's just me or if it's supposed to be like this, but whenever I type in your web address I get this error page. The only time I can get here is by clicking on a link you post through Twitter or something. Going straight to the site gives me this: "The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable." So I thought your website was still down until I tried it through Twitter. Not sure if you already knew about that or if it's just my computer.

      1. It totally is really cool and also really weird to feel the baby, haha. I am mostly OK with it, but hubby was all "I want to feel her too!" until he did, and then it creeped him out =D Being pregnant has not really made pregnancy that much less weird to me...it's just crazy now that MY body is doing this stuff, lol.

        And yeah, it's still having some issues. I can get it to come straight to the site if I type in the www or http but the naked domain is still not working...argh. I'd hoped it was just taking a while to update but guess not, thanks for letting me know!

    2. I find clothes that I like all the time that turn out to be maternity clothes. It's super depressing for me.