North Carolina is Done with Winter

I live fairly close to the coast in North Carolina. It's a great place to live, really and truly.  

We are kind of spoiled- especially when it comes to weather.

The past few weeks have been, well, almost winter like. There's been ice, and freezing temperatures*.

Even now it's warm but super rainy- there are flood and even tornado warnings...what?! Seriously. Almost everything in North Carolina is  freaking out. We're done. Maybe they are handling it better in the mountains. But here in eastern NC, pretty much everyone I know is dreaming of margaritas on the beach.

This may be a little more noticeable for me, seeing as how the summer is a big deal. At that point...I will have a baby! And the ability to indulge in at least one of those margaritas without judgement or guilt :)

Here's to warm temps and sunny skies!

*before anyone tells me how much worse it is basically everywhere else in the country, I am referring to the fact that temps have dropped below the literal freezing point of 32°.

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  1. Send it my way. I keep offering exchange programs for our friends in the snow informing them that Casa de Megan has an available guest bed, temps are almost always above 40 unless you're asleep. Nightly rate is a flat fee of free-dollars and you can even get an extra dose of puppy love from Phil and Meri, no extra charge.